Main Street Drivers: Chauffeur Service Using Your Own Car

Main Street Drivers provides transportation service that has perfected the “your car + our driver” concept and can create a package for each and every client need. Their professional driver service launched in the Western Washington region earlier this year. The focus is on the greater Seattle area and suburbs, including popular wine destinations including Seattle Urban Wineries and Woodinville Wine Country. We recently had the opportunity to try out the service firsthand. 

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Using the online reservation form, we booked the specific type of transportation we desired (options include: tour of a wine region, airport transportation, designated driver service for events, etc) which also includes a section for comments and special requests. Main Street Drivers may reach out to customers who use the form to clarify extra requests or information as needed. They also offer reservations via phone or email. 

Our driver was punctual, checking in via text to confirm our pickup time, and arrived five minutes early. He had cursory knowledge of the wineries, but that’s to be expected for a newly expanded area. He was very engaging and did his best to ensure we had a pleasurable experience. Additionally, he was attentive of our itinerary to make sure we made it to each tasting and also flexible to our whims. He made sure we were having a good time and periodically asked if we needed anything. We had opted for a somewhat set schedule for this trip, but you also can also choose along the way, seeing where the wines lead you.

What inevitably ends up happening when you’re with a group of friends wine tasting is finding wines you love and want to take home. No two palates are the same, so maybe you each buy a bottle or two and no one feels like lugging them around. Meandering from tasting room to tasting room may lead you to travel much further than you’re willing to walk back just to put those bottles away. Here where having a designated driver comes in handy! 

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Your driver can come out to wherever you are to run your bottles back to the car, then keep an eye on them until your group is ready to go to the next location! This would be particularly helpful if you’re trying to get from one tasting room to the next. When we bought a couple of bottles on this outing, our awesome driver took them the wine off our hands. This helped us finish our afternoon without anything weighing us down or worrying about accidentally dropping a bottle. Once we had consumed enough wine to get us good and giggly, our driver escorted us home in the comfort of our own vehicle, all wine bottles intact and accounted for.

We could see this service being an advantage in that you never have to worry about accidentally leaving your belongings in a cab or Lyft. Wine crawling in Woodinville covers a lot of area, so taxi/Lyft-hopping creates a huge problem if you’ve forgotten something in one of the vehicles. Additionally, you can also pre pack your vehicle for the day ahead. Know you’re going to need to change your shoes? Just throw them in your trunk ahead of time. Unsure of the weather? Have your jacket or an umbrella handy. 

Another bonus is the cost-effective flat rate fee. With a regular car rental, your price changes depending on the size of the vehicle, how much gas you use, and how long you use it for. The distance you drive and the fuel you use for your own car does not work against you when it’s your vehicle. No upcharging here! Lastly, you won’t have to worry about having a designated driver who misses out on the fun or be tempted to drive home tipsy or drunk. 

For your next small scale celebration, be it a bachelor/bachelorette party, birthday, graduation, or other life milestone, consider the low-key version of having your own chauffeur. Main Street Drivers also offers special customized tours that can include behind the scenes wine tours (that aren’t normally open to the public), vineyard tours, and stops to gourmet markets, cheese shops, and farm stands.


$35/hr, $40/hr weekends + 20% gratuity/service charge

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Great for: 

  • Brewery, winery, and spirit distillery tours
  • Executive travel
  • Nights on the town (party-hopping, concerts, sporting events, etc.)
  • General travel about town
  • Culinary and beverage events
  • Designated drivers for one-way pick-ups
  • Weddings and rehearsal dinner
  • General vehicle transport (to and from the airport and for pets, family member carpooling, senior transportation for errands, cleaning service professionals, etc.)
  • Emergency/ last minute DWI Prevention service

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