Above & Beyond: Group Therapy 250 @ The Gorge

Above & Beyond celebrated the 250th episode of their popular Group Therapy podcast last weekend at The Gorge Ampitheatre #ABGT250. An estimated 20,000 attendees traveled from all over the globe for this special occasion. Along with headliners Above & Beyond, Luttrell, Yotto, Oliver Smith, Seven Lions, and Moon Boots were in the lineup. 

Photo courtesy ABGT250.

Weather in Central Washington can be iffy in mid-September due to forest fires and it can be rainy and cold. There was some smoke in the air, but not enough to be bothersome. While it dropped to the 40s during the night, it was in the high 60s during the day with plenty of sunshine. 

The vibe of the weekend—like most EDM festivals—is good feels. People are complimentary, gracious, and happy. It’s such an enjoyable environment to be a part of in one of the most beautiful outdoor concert venues. Any chance I get to visit The Gorge, I take it. It’s kind of life-changing to listen and dance to music I love while with this breathtaking scenery in the backdrop. It’s such a liberating and carefree experience. 

If you haven’t been, pick any concert next summer, get a group of friends together, and you’re guaranteed a fantastic time. Above & Beyond is worth seeing live. Check out their upcoming concert schedule—they have a few more stops in the States in the next few months. 

In case you missed the livestream, you should be able to watch and listen to all the sets here by early next week (at least that was the case with ABGT200).