Social Justice x Self-Care: The Sanaya Set

Supporting women who bravely pursue their passions.

The Sanaya Set is a curated seasonal collection of lifestyle products made for and by women. The products are carefully sourced to ensure every item in the collection aligns with Sanaya Set’s principles. With every purchase, 10% of net proceeds will go to an organization they highlight for the seasonā€”the Winter 2018 collection benefits Planned Parenthood. 

Sanaya’s Winter 2018 Collection.

Sanaya Set’s mission is deeply rooted in being champions for social justiceā€”racial equality, gender equality, equal access to healthcare, and economic justice are a few examples. In parallel, Seattle founders Tarul Kode Tripathi, Sandy Mathews, and Tejal Angolkar believe self-care is critical to maintaining strength for this movement. This means being as kind to yourself as you are to others. To Sanaya Set’s founders, self-care means nourishing your mind, body and soul. 

The founders came together with a shared passion for intersectional feminism, social justice, style, and self-care. With great thought and care, they ensure each item in the collection aligns with the Sanaya Set mission. This is their passion project, born from a desire to find a greater purpose during these tumultuous times, not only for themselves, but for future generations.

How does the Sanaya Set Give Back?

The Sanaya Set gives back in multiple ways. In curating products, they focus on sourcing predominantly from women owned businesses, with an emphasis on businesses owned by women of color and/or women from marginalized communities. They also work with organizations and fair trade companies who elevate women globally and collaborate with like minded businesses who are committed to giving back to positively impact social justice.

Each season, they choose a charitable organization aligned with the mission to highlight and 10% of net proceeds from each set are donated to this organization.

Founders (L-R): Sandy Mathews, Tejal Angolkar, and Tarul Kode Tripathi.

How long is each set available?

The Sanaya Set is a seasonal collection. The Winter 2018 launched in November and will be available through February, unless they sell out before then. The Spring Set will be available at the beginning of March, Summer will be available in June, and Fall will be available in September.

About the Sanaya Set Founders 

As first-generation South Asian women, their life experiences have shown that feminism goes beyond gender. They believe in Intersectional Feminism, which is aimed at understanding overlapping identities and how these factors impact the way women experience oppression and discrimination. This includes race, class, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation. This is how the Sanaya Set was born in November 2017ā€”there is no time better than the present to use our voices. For ourselves, for our peers, and most importantly, for the girls of the future.

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