Wellness: Q+A With the Founder of Vibe Elevated

Sharing good vibes with a local energy intuitive and Reiki master.

New Year, new explorations. To follow up on some self-care tips offered last fall, we’ve connected with a wonderfully kind and wise Seattleite who does meaningful work that may just resonate with you, too. Sarah Farris of Vibe Elevated—who describes herself as an energy work practitioner, Reiki practitioner and professional intuitive—offers Reiki healing and psychic energy readings. She says, “One of my biggest and brightest joys in this world is helping people reach massive clarity, engage with their innate power and take ownership of their energy and the way they move through life.” Continue below to learn more about her fascinating work and beautiful gift.

Seattleite: When did you first know you had intuitive gifts, and when did you decide to explore those further?

Sarah Farris: Back in 2013, my then-fiancé and I decided to move to Seattle from Cleveland, Ohio, for many reasons, one of them being that I felt this inexplicable sadness, emptiness and burnout. I naively thought if I changed my external environment then my internal feelings of discontent would even out. Of course, as soon as I got into the swing of my new normal in Seattle, I realized all of those feelings were still there and I felt even more lost, but this time I didn’t have friends or family around to turn to. In that moment, I decided to approach my desire for change in a new way and knew that I needed to dive into some deep inner work to really reach what I was seeking.

I started taking classes designed for highly sensitive people to obtain tools and skills for intuitive development in 2014, and while I originally got involved to sort through my own inner turmoil, that’s when I really started to understand the depth of my gifts. Up until that point, I assumed what I felt all my life was something everyone could feel; I compare it to someone who is colorblind because it is your normal and, unless there’s some baseline to compare it to, you think everyone else experiences what you do.

As an example, I experienced a lot of my intuitive hits while on public transportation and that’s what really started to get my attention. Someone would get on the light rail and out of nowhere I’d know so many intimate details about their life without even thinking about it. Many professional intuitives and psychics see vivid images or hear things whereas I mostly know things, so that was less obvious to me in terms of how I came to understand what I had the ability to tap into.

Prior to taking classes, I assumed either everyone around me also knew these things or that I was just making up stories in my head. With the safety net of my fellow students, I was able to explore what I intuitively picked up on about them and received validation. This ultimately gave me the confidence to let my gifts unfold and the more I trusted myself and the information I received, the stronger the information flowed and the more accurate it became.

S: For those unfamiliar with the type of energy work you do, how would you describe it in a sentence or two?

SF: Energy work entails the movement of energy in and around the body with a goal of clearing any stagnant or blocked energy so the recipient can function at optimal levels of physical, mental and emotional health. As a Reiki master, I tap into your energetic system and help free up stagnant energy that builds up when we repress feelings, don’t allow ourselves to process emotions or when internal or external factors prevent us from emoting or releasing energy freely.

S: How do your services work remotely/over the phone? (How is it that you can tap into people’s energy fields from afar?)

SF: Whether we are sitting in the same room or are 2,000 miles apart, I tap into your energetic system the same way. I have clients all over the world–from Hawaii to Australia to Qatar–and of all the people I’ve done energy work on, each person can either feel where in their body I am working or they feel mental or physical effects directly following our session.

When you go through training and are attuned to the master level in Reiki, you receive specific instruction on how to perform a distance Reiki session, but not all Reiki masters can psychically connect with people in the way I am able to. If you’ve ever had an experience where you couldn’t stop thinking about a family member one day and then call them, only to discover that they received bad news that morning, that’s all in the ballpark of what I have the ability to do, I’m just more naturally inclined to do it and I’ve spent years fine-tuning that gift.

S: What is the most challenging part of the work you do? The most rewarding? The most surprising?

SF: When I first started out with my in-person Reiki practice in Columbia City, one of the biggest challenges I faced was learning how to not take on all of the emotions of my clients. Some very heavy and often heartbreaking things come up in sessions and when you are an especially empathic person, it’s very easy to be a sponge for all of the emotional stuff that goes on around you. I was forced to get really good at not taking anything on that did not belong to me. I can’t be effective and help my clients if I am stuck in the experience of their emotions.

The most rewarding piece of this work is receiving emails and calls from my clients about how they were able to move on from either an emotional or physical issue after just one session together. One client suffered from debilitating fatigue for 20+ years, and after one call I was able to offer him recommendations based on what I could pick up on in his body. After clearing my suggestions with his physician he spent one week implementing his homework from our session and to this day his fatigue is completely gone. He’d been to countless doctors and specialists and tried anything and everything in his power to rid himself of this fatigue, so I can only imagine how he felt to discover exactly what he needed in just one hour. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing that I’ve helped someone no matter how big or small their progress is.

The most surprising thing about this work is that it never feels like work! I knew that starting a small, female-owned business would have its hurdles and expected that once the newness wore off it would feel more like a job, but I can honestly say that not one day has ever felt like work.

S: What is your biggest aim for the clients you serve?

SF: My number one goal in serving my clients is to guide them to the information they need to be proactive and create lives with which they deeply resonate. We cannot control what happens to us, but we do have the power of choice and we have the privilege of choosing how we respond to what life throws our way. I help clients get out of their heads so they can see the energetic impact each of their decisions may have and I also teach clients tools and skills they can use even if we never speak again so they can continue to learn how to listen to their bodies and intuitive voice.

S: Anything you’d like readers who know—especially those who might feel a wee bit skeptical?

SF: If you’ve ever thought about getting a reading or receiving a Reiki healing but feel skeptical, I would encourage you to ask questions and trust your gut. Skepticism exists for good reason; there are a lot of people out there doing work as a psychic or energy practitioner and they simply do not have the foundation necessary to do high-caliber work. Ask people where they received training, if they have a specialty, or if they have client feedback you can review. If you find a practitioner you might be considering and have a weird feeling, listen to it!

I know booking a reading or Reiki as a phone session can feel very risky, so I offer a complimentary 15-minute consultation where we can connect on the phone and you can ask me about my training, what to expect in a session, etc. I also offer a 100% money-back guarantee on readings and Reiki sessions–if you aren’t satisfied with your session and walk away feeling like you didn’t get anything out if it, I’ll refund 100% of your money. I’ve never had a client ask for his or her money back but I like to offer this because I know it would make me feel more confident in booking a session if I was in my client’s shoes.

To book your session or complimentary consultation, you may visit VibeElevated.com/schedule (*Seattleite readers, please enjoy 15% off your first reading or Reiki session with code SEATTLE)

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