Wear Smart: Seattle-based Buki launches the first-of-its-kind collagen-embedded clothing

Buki Collagen Turtleneck.

Smart clothing is the way of the future.

Intelligent clothing popped up in 2015, and we’ve seen garments that monitor heart rate, regulate temperature and even keep a tab on emotions. Taking a daring leap in apparel innovation, Seattle-based luxury clothing brand, Buki, has launched the first-of-its-kind collagen-embedded capsule collection.

Co-founders Joey Rudolfo & Stacy Bennett.

The Collagen Collection uses pioneering fabric to make luxuriously soft clothes that have skin-moisturizing, deodorizing and UV-protecting benefits (with UPF 50!). Does this mean you don’t have to rub in the moisturizer and sunscreen? To make things even simpler, the collection is laundry-washable and wrinkle-resistant (read: no ironing needed!). I’m a big sucker for lazy girl’s hacks, so I’m up for trying anything that makes my life easier. The styles are simple athleisure and can be dressed up or down.  

I tried a scoop-necked black top from the collection. My first impression was how unbelievably soft the fabric is. The top felt cotton-soft against my skin, which I loved. I paired mine with high-waisted jeans, sneakers, and my favorite sunglasses. While I think it is too soon to tell, my skin did feel more noticeably more hydrated and softer. To be honest, a part of me also wondered if it was the placebo effect.   

“Buki apparel is designed for consumers who expect more from their clothing,” said Joey Rodolfo, design industry veteran and founder of Buki. “We used cutting-edge technology to create the Collagen Collection, and these garments are like no other. This is our most comfortable, hardest-working fabric yet. You truly have to feel it to believe it.” The styles include a turtleneck, hoodie, v-neck, scoop neck, scarf and pillow cover. You can shop the collection at www.bukibrand.com and in-store at the Buki flagship in downtown Seattle.

We did a Q&A with Buki co-founder and designer Joey Rodolfo and co-founder Stacy Bennett to learn more about this revolutionary fabric and their latest clothing line.

Buki Collagen Turtleneck.

Seattleite: How would you describe the woman you are designing for?

Stacy Bennett: The woman that Buki designs for is a modern woman living a modern lifestyle. She is well-educated, well-traveled and well-employed, and often an urban dweller. She is anywhere between an older Millennial to a younger Boomer, but regardless of her age, she is a positive woman who is youth-minded.  She is a multi-tasking, dynamic powerhouse that needs her clothes to outpace her from desk to dinner.

S: How did the Collagen Collection come to be?

Joey Rodolfo: We expect the collagen market will experience massive growth in the coming years due to rising demand for collagen-based products across health and wellness, cosmetics and food and beverage. The fashion, beauty, and wellness industries are colliding as consumer interest increases in the advantages of collagen. Moving from beauty and hair products to dietary supplements, collagen is also now available in clothing.

The Collagen Collection is the perfect intersection of beauty, skincare, and clothing by softening, hydrating, and protecting the skin. We are humbled to be the world’s first collagen-embedded clothing. The bonus? It’s eco-friendly and sustainably made!

S: Are you looking to diversify with more styles in the future?

Joey Rodolfo: We are very excited to launch a men’s Collagen Collection next year! Our male shoppers can look forward a Crew Neck Tee and a Waffle Polo. And we are always open to suggestions. Have a certain style in mind? Let us know!

S: How has the response been so far?

Stacy Bennett: The response to the Collagen Collection surpassed our expectations! Women can hardly believe how incredibly soft the fabric is, and they are almost giddy that they can enjoy soft, hydrated, protected skin by simply wearing their clothes. Women deserve to be pampered with everyday luxury and we are happy to help.

S: How would you describe the technology in a nutshell?

Joey Rodolfo: Unlike other technical fabrics that are constructed using topically applied chemicals or dipping processes, Buki uses state-of-the-art technology to embed technical elements within each fabric. This ensures the marine collagen does not deteriorate in the fibers while worn or washed. The Collagen Collection fabric is an industry first, and a Buki exclusive engineered to relay the moisturizing benefits of collagen directly onto the skin.

S: How can you best take care of the garments?

Stacy Bennett: As with all Buki fabrics, the Collagen Collection pieces are easy to care for with a cold-water machine wash and cool dry. Since the collagen peptides are embedded into the fabric fibers, it will not wash out, ensuring you stay comfortable, moisturized and protected wear after wear.

S: What are the skin benefits of wearing something from the collages collection?

Stacy Bennett:  Buki’s Collagen Collection offers four key benefits. First, its moisture technology embedded into the fabric fibers keeps skin feeling hydrated all day. Secondly, the fabric fibers work as natural deodorizers. Third, the Collagen Collection offers UV protection with UPF 50+, shielding skin from both UVA and UVB. Lastly, the fabric promotes ventilation, so the cloth is breathable, and temperature transfer to keep the wearer cool and comfortable all day.

Buki      |         1228, 1826 6th Ave, Seattle     |      (206) 624-1969