Wellness: Studio Refresh at Flywheel Seattle

New bike set up. Photo credit: Flywheel

Flywheel is doing an extensive brand refresh and remodeling of its two Seattle-area locations in South Lake Union and Bellevue. All renovations are scheduled to be completed by Friday, October 26th. Flywheel is the leading boutique fitness brand that pioneered putting technology on an indoor cycling bike and has been providing results-driven classes across the US. 

Newly renovated Flywheel Denver studio, which will closely mirror Seattle’s studio refresh. Photo credit: Flywheel

The upgrades—from new equipment and bikes to a refurnished community space and presentation area—will encourage a positive and collaborative fitness experience for Seattleites on and off the bike.

The refresh will allow both Seattle-area locations to join the 21 Flywheel studios nationwide to offer new off-the-bike total body workouts FlyFIT (Functional Intense Training). FlyFIT incorporates heavy weights and high-intensity drills to create a strong and defined lower body, arms, back, chest and abs.

This studio refresh reflects the company’s dedication to a world-class boutique fitness experience rooted in technology that holistically supports on-and-off-bike precision training. The removal of Flywheel’s front desk and installation of a new community table creates a social, collaborative space for fitness-forward riders to meet. Additionally, Flywheel will aim to cultivate a tighter-knit community through a series of on-site events, offsite pop-up classes, and speaker series featuring local health and wellness experts.

Seattle’s studios will be modeled after Denver’s new community and presentation space. Photo credit: Flywheel

While the South Lake Union studio will receive a full flagship transformation, the Bellevue studio will also boast key renovations such as new bikes, lighting and design upgrades.

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