Culture Dose: Ivar’s Sailgating

Courtesy Ivar's

Cruise in style to a UW Huskies game.

Now that we’ve experienced Ivar’s sailgating firsthand (so much fun!), we thought we’d let you know exactly what you can expect. Here are a few tips for making the most of your fun-filled Seattle day.

Step 1:

Pre-game prep: Purchase your brunch/sailgating ticket, and then make sure you have a ticket to the game, too. Leading up to the big event, check the weather forecast, dress appropriately (think purple and gold, layers, perhaps a rain jacket and optimistic sunnies regardless of it all), and pack your things in a clear bag. Don’t forget to brush up on the stadium’s strict bag policy before leaving home!

Photo credit: Ivar’s

Step 2:

Head to Ivar’s Salmon House on the north edge of Lake Union, where you’ll find free parking. Get seated, and order a drink from your server—either something warming like coffee/tea (included) or something a bit more “spirited” like a Bloody Hail Mary, Stubborn Mule, Purple Opal or The Sailgater (vodka, Chambord, sour mix).

Then dive into one of the most extensive buffets you’ve seen yet, choosing between breakfast, lunch or dinner items. Some standouts include a carving station, platters of fresh seafood, a bevy of salads and fruits, a chocolate fountain and a seemingly endless supply of sweet treats.

Photo credit: Ivar’s

Step 3:

Hop aboard your Argosy boat (which holds up to 300 fans and docks right outside the restaurant), before sailing to Alaska Airlines Field at Husky Stadium. Cruising through the cut—and waving at enthusiastic, tailgating folks—proves to be half the fun (especially on a bright, sun-kissed day!).

Photo credit: Ivar’s

Step 4:

Go Huskies! Root on your favorite team while enjoying the stadium’s stunning water views—not to mention the buzzing energy found within. Indulge in a massive bag of kettle corn, visit the food trucks lining The Zone, grab a beer at The Off-Leash Deck, and enjoy entertainment that extends well beyond the game itself. Once the fourth quarter ends, climb back abroad your ship and return to Ivar’s to close out a full day of fabulous food, football, new friends and very Seattle-specific community fun.

*The brunch and cruise cost $85 per person, and guests can make reservations by calling 206-632-0767.