House and Hound: a local dog-sitting and house-cleaning service

‘From rags to wags, we’re at your service’, says the official website for House and Hound, a unique home-cleaning and dog-sitting service in Seattle. Given that Seattle is such a pooch-friendly city, this one-of-a-kind service solves two problems in one clean sweep (pun intended!).

Seriously though, who wouldn’t want to come home to a sparkling home and a happy, wagging dog. You can choose from a variety of plans—from overnight dog-sitting to doggy day-care combined with a deep cleaning of your house. With Valentine’s Day coming up, this could also be a great gift for your significant other. Everyone appreciates some time off, and you could schedule this while you whisk them away for a spa day or leisurely brunch. Check out the full list of services here.

Photo credit: House and Hound

We spoke to the House and Hound founder, Amy Jean, and got to know more about this unusual service…

Seattleite: How did you conceptualize and start House and Hound?

Amy Jean: I have always loved dogs, having bred and raised dogs, including many US Champions and Canadian Champions (I showed dogs in the American Kennel Club Circuit). Then, I went to law school and realized I was miserable practicing law. I had no time to have a dog, and I missed being around them so much. I sold my practice and began trying to figure out a way I could get my feet wet again. I started House and Hound in April 2017 and haven’t looked back. My Mom recently died, and part of this company is dedicated to her. She loved her fur babies!

Seattleite: What exactly does the service entail and what is your unique selling point?

Amy Jean: House and Hound is dog sitting and house cleaning service – a combination that is unique to our area. We offer dog sitting, either in your home or ours, which includes walking, playing, feeding and one-on-one time.  Our clients usually combine this with our house cleaning services and come home to a happy house and pup–hence, House and Hound. Special needs dogs are my specialty and those who have senior dogs, puppies, and dogs with ailments, including ambulatory problems. In addition, I do dog sitting for people who are on vacation for any amount of time or need to travel for work.

Seattleite: How are your cleaners/pet sitters trained?

Amy Jean: Before hiring, I make sure they have experience by being selective with my interview questions and my interview techniques. When we clean a house the first time or do a new dog meet and greet, I always accompany the employee to make sure are cleaning following House and Hounds expectations. I also run background checks on everybody and we are bonded and insured.

Seattleite: What are the biggest challenges you faced with this service?

Amy Jean: The biggest challenge is simply getting the word out: Seattle has more dogs than children and everyone loves a clean home, so the need is definitely out there!

Seattleite: What’s the best compliment you have received?

Amy Jean: “My dog doesn’t take to just anyone, but wow I’ve never had her warm up so fast. I could tell you really put a lot of pride into my home when you cleaned it. It looks amazing!”

Seattleite: Any plans for expansion in the future?

Amy Jean: I just joined a company called Insight Studios where we will be developing House and Hound as an app and integrate it with other household apps we plan to market.