Crystal by Cirque du Soleil Recap: A heartwarming show on ice

Cirque du Soleil literally and figuratively broke the ice with Crystal, their 42nd production as this was the first production to be performed on ice.

Cirque du Soleil is currently still playing in Everett at the Angel of the Winds Arena, and we were lucky to watch the opening show. You can still catch the show through Sunday, April 14! Book the tickets here.

The show started even before showtime, as characters did some fun stunts on stage, and even took to throwing snowballs at the audience. What fun! It definitely started out the evening on a jovial and promising note. Crystal is about the touching story of a young girl called Crystal, played wonderfully by  Silja Dos Reis, who accidentally falls through ice on a frozen pond and comes to explore fantasies of the many different routes her life could take. From there, she skates alongside her own reflection (played by Mary Siegel), on a journey of self-discovery.

It was astounding how the performers weren’t just skating, but dancing, juggling, flipping mid-air, playing ice hockey (yes, really!) and doing complex acrobatics on ice. It would’ve been difficult enough to perform those stunts on a regular hard surface, and here they were, putting up an invincible, unbelievable show on ice.

There was a mind-boggling variety of acts happening on the stage at any given point. You could miss an amazing moment in the show if you happened to blink. Crystal effortlessly merges showstopping acrobatics with some out-of-the-world ice skating, with welcome comic relief in between the acts. It’s perfect family entertainment, and everyone from adults to young children will enjoy the experience.

The Cirque’s trademark is mid-air suspension acrobatics and stunts, and Crystal did not fail to disappoint here. Trapeze and aerial silks were a big part of the show and made for some of the most jaw-dropping moments. Personally, I loved that along with the expected live music, they used pop music with an acoustic spin this time, with foot-tapping tracks like Sia’s Chandelier and Beyonce’s Halo. This enlivened the show a lot more. Some of the music is pre-recorded, although live music adds a whole new dimension to the show. Three musicians show up on stage every once in a while, playing instruments like the keyboard, saxophone, violin, and guitar.

The show was a great combination of theatrics, technical skill, and amazing performances. It will be a great addition to your plans this rainy weekend. Definitely, arrive a little early to catch the precursor before the show and do grab a jacket as things can get a little chilly, especially if you’re sitting close to the stage.

All images by Matt Beard.