Little Rock duo joan + flor on 10/7 at Neumos

Alan Thomas and Steven Rutherford of indie-pop band joan open for flor on Monday 10/7 at Neumos. The duo has performed across America, in the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands. We had the chance to chat with the Little Rock duo ahead of their show. Get tickets here.

Seattleite: How did you two first come together to form joan? 

joan: We were both in separate bands and since the music scene isn’t huge in Little Rock, we ended up playing a lot of shows together. The two of us became fast friends and got together to write some music for film and tv, and ended up writing “take me on” in like two hours. We basically quit our bands right after that and made joan our full-time focus.  

S: Where does your band name come from? 

j: It was an option for an old band I (Steven) was in. They never liked it, but I thought it was a really cool looking name, so I held onto it. When we started this band, the music we were making just fit so well with the name aesthetically, and it just made sense. Alan didn’t like it at first, but once I made up some mock designs with the name, he got it 🙂

S: How has touring with flor been? What are some of the highlights?

j: This tour has been absolutely amazing. The last four tours we’ve been on were sold out before we were added to the bill, so we got to meet a lot of new people and build a better fan base, but we couldn’t really tell if people really knew us before the show. This tour has been great because it’s really the first time we’re seeing our fans come out and sing every word. It’s been really special. 

S: What can fans expect at your show in Seattle on 10/7? 

j: We’ve never played Seattle!! Feels like we’ve been on so many tours, but we’ve always missed it for some reason. We’re so excited to play in Seattle, so I guess fans can just expect a nice time. 

S: This May, you guys released, “one more touch.” What inspired the track? 

j: We started that song while touring in Europe. Alan had the chorus bass line in his head, and on an off day we laid it down and sat on it for awhile. When we got back home, we dove into it. It quickly became a song about leaving our wives for tour and all of the emotions that that brings.

S: What’s next for you guys? Do you have more music coming out soon? 

j: Yes! New music is coming very soon and more touring too! We’ve been writing so much new music and we’re so excited to release it and tour around the songs.