Gavin Haley with Ashe @ The Crocodile 10/6

Photo credit: Danny Lane

Indie-pop artist Gavin Haley is joining Ashe’s North American tour this fall with a stop in Seattle at The Crocodile on 10/6. Get tickets here.

We connected with Gavin for a Q&A ahead of his show next week. Gavin released his new single, ‘The Way I Am”, featuring Ella Vos, on September 13th. 

Seattleite: Can you tell us more about ‘The Way I Am’? 

Gavin Haley: Growing up I didn’t really fit in with kids my age. It turns out that being sensitive towards other people’s feelings & your own isn’t the way to be popular. For a while I thought that it was a bad thing to feel a lot. Crossing over into relationships I kind of shut that part of me down—the ability to be open—because, for the longest time, being open meant me being made fun of. I don’t know, humans are wild… we think too much and get in our own way so much. I wanted to make a song that would help people through that. “The Way I Am” is made for the kids that don’t feel like they fit in. There’s a big group of us and I love us. I don’t know if this makes sense but, yeah, listen to the song and find comfort in it.

S: I read about your time on the United States national cycling team when you were a teen. Does cycling still play a role in your life now? 

GH: Not much anymore. Cycling taught me a lot and I keep those lessons close. But after you do something at a level like that it can be difficult to develop a healthy relationship with it again. I’m hoping my love to ride comes back in the near future. For now I’m playing basketball during my off time and just enjoying Mother Nature. 

S: Where am I catching you at the moment? 

GH: Sprinter van driving to St. Paul MN!! 

S: How’s touring with Ashe going? 

GH: I’m so happy to be on the road supporting such a legend. Ashe is incredible.

S: Where’s home for you? 

GH: I’ve moved a lot in my life. Home is really wherever my family is, but I’d love to own a home in NorCal one day.

S: What are some of your favorite parts of touring? 

GH: The shows are the best part and meeting people who are moved by music. It feels like where I’m meant to be. It’s been dope to see all the new cities too! I learned the subway in New York fast!

S: What’s next for you? 

GH: My debut EP is coming out on October 18. I put so much into this and I’m ready to share it.