Celebrating Earth Hour on Saturday, March 28

Now in its 14th year, Earth Hour is a worldwide grassroots movement organized by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to unite people to protect the planet. Given the unprecedented circumstances, WWF advises participants to join Earth Hour at home or online following CDC guidelines.

You can participate in Earth Hour this Saturday, March 28th at 8:30 pm local time by turning off your lights for one hour to show solidarity and support for protecting our natural environments. In the past, millions of people all around the world have participated.

During these challenging times, it’s more important than ever that we take a collective pause and use this time as an opportunity to reflect, evolve and strengthen our relationship with ourselves, with each other and with nature. Earth Hour is a moment to reflect on our activism goals and resolidify our commitment to fighting climate change and protecting our forests, rivers, oceans, and wildlife.

Here are some ideas WWF came up with designed with current social distancing policies in mind:  

Go ‘green’ in your living space with some indoor gardening projects!
Crack out your green thumb by making a terrarium, or create some Macrame Plant Hangers for herbs and succulents. If you’re feeling adventurous, try branching out and creating a living plant wall (materials can be ordered online!). Set yourself up for action beyond Earth Hour, and create a compost bin for your kitchen to reduce food waste at home.

Host a virtual in-the-dark dinner party for you and your friends
Invite your friends to dinner via video chat to share 2020 environmental goals. Consider challenging each other to get creative with locally sourced ingredients where possible. Eating by candlelight adds to the ambiance! 

Play some games!
Take a stab at one of WWF’s Wildlife Classroom quizzes. You can also download WWF’s free flowing river app to learn the impacts of infrastructure on our world’s rivers.  

Work up a sweat! Exercise body and mind by candlelight
Gather your friends for a virtual candlelight workout. Try anything from an intense HIIT circuit to restorative yoga. In your cool down time, reflect on ways you can bring your commitment to biodiversity and nature beyond Earth Hour. 

Pamper yourself! Self-care is key
Anxiety can be overwhelming sometimes, especially recently. It’s important to prioritize self-care so that you stay relaxed, motivated, and energized to do the most you can for the planet and for society. Take a candlelit bath infused with essential oils and Epsom salts – making a conscious decision to relax will rejuvenate you.

Take a collective pause & reflect
Earth Hour is a perfect time to think about everything you’ve already done to help the planet, and brainstorm ways in which you can do even more. Create a vision board with your environmental goals, and think about practical ways to fulfill them.