Start 2021 On The Cider Side with CiderCon on February 6 (Order by January 15)

Festival Favorites Kit. Photo credit: CiderCon.

Even though I am usually a wine drinker, I make an exception for cider. I don’t always want a glass of red wine—feels weird if you’re eating a burger—or have the stamina to take down a whole bottle of bubbles by myself, and I’m also not a beer fan, so my go-to is cider. It’s refreshing and lighter than beer, which normally makes me very full and sick. Ciders also remind me of days at the beach or being outdoors or on a hike or grilling with friends (I know a lot of people might say camping but I do not camp); all things we can’t really do in the Seattle winter.

Fret not friends; we can still pretend we are living in a normal weird and not this weird, alternate universe where we don’t go outside and interact with other humans except via a tiny camera in our computer. Just kidding! In typical Covid-19 fashion, CiderCon—Cider Summit is going virtual. This year’s event will be on February 6th, 2021 from 6:00 – 7:30 pm. You can join in on the fun with 90 minutes of live music and insight from several of the cidermakers by purchasing a “Festival To-Go Tasting Kit.”

There are two to choose from: the Festival Favorites that includes eight ciders from various makers in the U.S. and the Artisanal Import that includes five ciders if you want to try what the international makers have to offer. Both kits are $59.95 base + taxes/fees and shipping. They both come with nifty Cider Summit swag items and you can opt to add on a hard cider scented soy wax candle ($18). More information about the kits can be found on their website here. Orders must be placed by January 15th.

With the holidays coming to an end, the start of a new year, and quarantine still here, here’s your chance to bring a festival into your home and sample some ciders from around the country or world. If you’re naive like me and bought a planner, here’s a great excuse to break it in and mark February 6th on your calendar!