Ultimate Self-Care And Skincare Ideas For A Rejuvenating Winter

Photo credit: Smith Teamaker

Hello 2021! While last year taught a myriad of lessons in survival, fortitude and gratitude, it was also stressful in so many ways. The good thing is that we’ve learnt to introspect and look within. While vaccines bring huge glimmers of hope on the horizon, there’s still some time before they’re accessible to most of us. 

The beginning of the new year is a great time to set the wheels of health, hope and healing in motion. Working from home has necessitated simpler skincare routines and amped up self-care regimens. We’re in need of products that come very close to the in-salon experience, and also powerhouse products that deserve a place of pride on our everyday skincare shelves. These exquisite products go a long way in staying hydrated, happy and healthy this winter season.

Deep Conditioning Heat Cap by Hot Head

Can’t get to a salon to pamper yourself with a hair spa? Hot Head’s Deep Conditioning Heat Cap brings the salon experience home to you! Created by a hairstylist the eco-friendly tool helps grow hair longer, reduce frizz and flyaways, and give you healthy, silky hair that is less prone to breakage. The best part is that it is entirely fuss-free, and doesn’t need a charger. Deep condition your way to hydrated, luscious tresses.

Heat enhances conditioning by lifting the hair cuticle, allowing all the good stuff to be absorbed into your strands.You simply put on this flaxseed-filled microwavable cap helps really work in your favorite hair treatment deep into the hair follicle. The cap takes about 30-45 mins to work its magic, and you can use this time to read a nice book or sip a herbal tea. 

Science-based skincare by Rho Cosmetics

Rho Cosmetics is a skincare brand with a difference—their products are driven by some serious science. Founder Rachel Ho has a solid background in skincare science herself—and has years of product development experience for acclaimed clean beauty brands in the likes of Sephora and Whole Foods under her belt.

She launched Rho in 2019 with the idea of empowering consumers by educating them about every single ingredient in the products they’re using, through a series of simple but powerful imagery. Rho offers two super innovative products—the Hydra Boost Serum and Hydra Boost Cream. Just as the names suggest, both these products are intensely hydrating and plump up your skin almost immediately. They’re also very concentrated, so a little product goes a long way, giving bang for your buck. 

Olive Oil Based Body Care by Durant Body & Spa

With their solid reputation at the pioneers of exceptional extra virgin olive oil in the PNW, Durant is now revolutionizing simple, olive oil-based skincare products that can take your everyday skincare regimen to the next level. Olive oil has also been clinically proven to soothe and regenerate dry, tired skin. Durant’s fresh new collection of all-natural body care is made with estate-milled Durant Olive Mill extra virgin olive oil.  

From nourishing body lotion and body butter, to locally crafted olive oil bar soap, they offer a wide range of products for some winter hydration. There’s nothing like slathering some natural olive-oil moisturizer onto dry skin during the winter, and letting it soak up all that goodness. Think gorgeous fragrances like Lavender + Geranium or Citrus + Juniper, that’ll transport you to warm summer days. Buy Durant Body & Spa products through their website and in their Durant at Red Ridge Farms Gift Shop in the Dundee Hills. Another reason to love olive oil? Count us in! 

CBD Products by Dazey

The folks at Dazey are on a mission: To normalize CBD in the workplace and in everyday life. The brand was founded in Seattle two years ago by four founders who all contributed their design, marketing, and cannabis knowledge to create what you see and know today as Dazey. Their hemp extract (CBD) is derived from USDA certified organic hemp grown in small batches in Oregon. There are zero flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives added; just CBD and MCT coconut oil for maximum absorption in the body. This separates them from many of the biggest names in CBD who use laboratories or massive corporate-funded farms to grow hemp.

All their skincare products are infused with the same full spectrum CBD used in their tinctures, giving the customer a high-quality experience. With their anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, this range is ideal for those looking to destress and heal their skin after the whirlwind of the year that’s just gone by. 

Plant-based Skincare by Isa Lazo

The start of 2021 is a great time to indulge in self-care rituals and these elixirs from Iso Lazo make it so much easier and doable. The speciality at Isa Lazo is powerful plant-based ingredients. They have a small and sophisticated product line comprising facial toner, facial oil, body scrub and body oil. The antioxidant rich products are here to do the heavy lifting for you, and address common skin concerns like dryness, inflammation and aging. Want to wake up to beautiful hydrated skin? Try massaging with Iso Lazo’s facial oil right before you sleep for a beautiful glow the morning-after!

Wellness Tea by Smith Teamaker

There are few things as heartwarming as a winter tea party with family, your other half, or just by yourself. What’s better than lounging in a blanket while it’s all grey and chilly outside? Answer: lounging around with a hot cup of tea in hand! If you’re looking for that perfect cuppa, Portland tea company, Smith Teamaker, has you all covered. From traditional grassy matcha to invigorating spearmint to spicy masala chai, Smith is a treasure trove of delicious teas.

They also have a special Wellness Collection, a cozy, all-organic collection of three teas. They all contain adaptogenic herbs to help the body fight stress, and each has a specific purpose: Golden Light for that shot immunity, Lullaby for restful sleep, and Soothsayer for soothing the spirit. Besides being hydrating and full of healthy antioxidants, a soulful cup of tea provides those precious moments of mindfulness. Each one of these wellness teas is a mini warm escape in a cup, something that we all need. Doing dry January? Check out this yummy recipe for a tea toddy with Soothe Sayer.

Eco-luxe Skincare by Kari Gran

Kari Gran is an eco-luxe skin care and make-up brand that is good for your skin, and for mother earth. They make oil-based products that work in harmony with our skin’s natural oil production. The products are organic,  hand-poured, wild-harvested and made with non-GMO ingredients.

The Kari Gran Essential Serum Balm is a winter must-have, and leaves skin super soft almost instantaneously. Dry, chapped lips are a common winter problem and the Kari Gran Lip Perfector works to exfoliate as well as moisture for supple lips. Also, check out their mineral make-up collection here

Handcrafted Skincare by Sage On The Mountain

While most of us are still working from home, we’re in need of effective, fuss-free skincare routines. At Sage on the Mountain, Sarah Ignatenko makes natural handcrafted soaps and body products using the purest of ingredients, essential oils and herbs. If there’s ever been a time to espouse local, this is it. Not only are the products locally-made, but Sarah sources her ingredients locally too, even her packaging and labels. The products are a labor of love; think detoxifying salt scrubs to refreshing peppermint soap bars to divine lavender lotion bars. Scoop up the oatmeal soaps for that extra boost of hydration this season. Order some gorgeous-scented skincare products here.  

Wellness Books

This winter season is not about holiday parties or crazy crowds at ski resorts. Rather, it is about cozy beverages, good books and quiet contemplation. Here are the books we’ll be curling up by the fire with. CBD & Chill by Chris Tarello and Tori Bodin has 75 wellness recipes for CBD fans and the CBD curious alike. 52 Lists For Calm by Moorea Seal is a hardback journal containing tips, quotes and beautiful photographs that inspire relaxation and calmness. And finally, Mastering Mindful Eating by registered dietitian Michelle Babb is all about working in sync with your own body for optimal mindfulness, nutrition and health. 

Specialized Facials & Spas by Local Hotels

Sometimes you just want to sit back and let the experts work their magic into your skin. Alderbrook Resort & Spa offers the Radiant Refresh package that gives guests the opportunity to bring the Spa and its luxurious treatments to their rooms. With a curated skincare kit delivered to guestrooms and cottages, it’s the perfect way to get an in-room self-facial while staying at the Resort. Still Spa at The Woodmark Hotel offers an amazingly hydrating facial—Rejuvenating Oxygen Facial. Perfect for all skin types, but especially useful during the cold and drying winter months, the rejuvenate professional serum from Intraceuticals contains vitamins and antioxidants that dramatically lift, tone and hydrate the skin.