Seattle Against Slavery launches a free community concert series

Whitney Mongé image courtesy Kingmon Creative

Seattle Against Slavery has launched its Community Concert Series to raise awareness about the organization while spotlighting local talents. The concerts are free, yet donations can be made when registering online.

“We didn’t want cost to be an obstacle to enjoying these wonderful artists,” said Christian Fulghum, Board President and Interim Director of Development & Operations Manager.

The grassroots coalition works to mobilize our community in the fight against labor and sex trafficking. You can learn more about the organization’s important work here.

The first concert on Thursday, January 28, features Seattle’s sensational Whitney Mongé, while shows in February and March will spotlight Deep Sea Diver and Parisalexa. Sign up to attend here.

Deep Sea Diver photo by Matt Wignall

Tanya Fernandez, Seattle Against Slavery’s Director of Education, says this music series came together organically in the early days of lockdown. She shares that she and Eli Zucker, Director of Men’s Accountability, “were trying to figure out how we could bring people together to celebrate community, partnership and what is to come.”