Weekend Wanderings: Seabrook

Courtesy Seabrook

We visited this enchanted stretch of Washington coast, located less than a three-hour drive from Seattle, on a recent wind-whipped weekend. After 48 hours of rest and rejuvenation in an ultra-comfortable beach house — with cozy fireplace, backyard hot tub and charming front porch, prime for watching the world go by — we returned to the city with sand in our shoes and smiles on our faces.

Courtesy Seabrook

Seabrook, described as a “thoughtfully-built new town founded on new urbanism design,” was designed by visionary Casey Roloff and a team of experts with community and accessibility in mind. Here the model has been able to blend hotel-like success (thanks to a vast range of amenities) with the home-sharing concept; there are currently 440 homes and counting. Pre-pandemic, 100 to 125 residents lived here year-round; these days, that number has risen past 200.

This seaside bubble does seem to be a bit removed from the world, as you wander the neighborhood amid an eclectic mix of houses showcasing names like “Good Mooring” and “Sea You Soon.” On a particularly bright Saturday morning, couples power-walked with fluffy dogs along oyster shell sidewalks, while other groups lazily gathered on porches — mugs of coffee and flutes of Champagne in hand.

The community’s incredibly intentional design brings an array of “nostalgic-style, coastal” homes. Yet even though each structure has its own look, Roloff believes, “Buildings should respect other buildings.” While incorporating architectural techniques like deflected vistas, Roloff’s ultimate goal is that “buildings speak to one another and harmonize.” The positioning of residences encourages connectivity, and most everything one needs while visiting is located within a 5- to 10-minute walk.

Courtesy Seabrook

While there, we wandered down interesting alleyways and across teardrop-shaped courtyards anchored by communal fire pits. We meandered past a horse stable, playground, dog park, tennis court, basketball court, indoor pool and more. At Seabrook, the rest of life falls away as you try to take in this fascinating little community that provides a gateway to the Pacific Ocean and is located a short drive from Olympic National Park.

Throughout the pandemic, it’s not surprising that Seabrook has experienced an uptick of people spending more time in their vacation homes, thanks to the flexibility offered by remote working and learning. The community was up 39% in new home sales at the beginning of January.

Courtesy Seabrook

While many of our meals were enjoyed in our house’s fully-equipped kitchen, we also savored a sun-soaked patio experience at Frontager’s Pizza Co., where salads and pizza pies (vegan, too!) are the name of the game.

At dinnertime, we cozied up at an alfresco table at Koko’s Restaurant and Tequila Bar, where the hospitality was even warmer than the heat lamps overhead. As invigorating Latin beats pumped from the speakers and the sun slipped behind an exquisite silhouette of coastal trees, we dove into standout dishes ranging from chips with fresh guacamole to steak tacos with rice and beans.

One of the highlights of the whole trip? Koko’s Poblano-Cashew Enchiladas — three enchiladas (chicken, veggie or vegan) covered with green poblano cashew sauce and topped with sour cream, corn and panela cheese. (A dreamy margarita proved the perfect complement.)

Courtesy Seabrook

*Takeout tip: If you’re coming into town in the evening and would rather not cook upon arrival, consider making a slight detour to pick up dinner from Thian’s Thai Fusion in Ocean Shores along the way.

As Seabrook continues to expand with more homes and small businesses in the works, loyal fans consistently boomerang back for relaxing days and nights spent on the edge of the expansive ocean. We understand the allure; we’re already looking forward to our next coastal return.