Queer/Bar Announces SEASONS: A Twelve-Part Drag Show Series

Graphic courtesy of Queer/Bar

Capitol Hill’s Queer/Bar was forced to shutter for fifteen months due to Covid-19. The inclusive bar and performance space in the heart of Seattle’s historic gay neighborhood has served as a home base and a haven for the queer community for almost four years.

“We missed making connections. We missed our third-anniversary party. We missed PRIDE celebrations,” said Joey Burgess, owner and operator of Queer/Bar, Cuff Complex, The Woods, and co-owner of Big Little News. “We are safely pulling back the veil of isolationism and welcoming SEASONS.”

From spooky nights of Halloween to cozy holiday soirées, the twelve-part Drag Show series serves up special guests from near and far away. It’s already underway— it started September 18—and goes through December 21.

Find the full lineup and ticket details here.

“Throughout the seasons, so many of us desperately craved community. Here we just announced our lineup, and the shows are starting to sell out at a rapid rate,” said Burgess. “Our stage is dark no more.”