Spring Into Relaxation at Still Spa

Still Spa waiting area. Photo courtesy of the Still Spa.

For the past couple of years, there were very few things that I missed more than going to a spa for a treatment or massage. Walking into a space meant for relaxation, changing into a soft robe, spending way too much time in a sauna before and/or after the treatment provides me with a level of peacefulness that is unmatched. In short, I am always looking for new spas and treatments to try out.

Still Spa at the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland is situated in a beautiful location on Lake Washington with the type of view that you only really get in the PNW. The spa celebrated the start of spring by launching 10 new treatments ranging from massages to facials to body treatments and wraps. You can check out the full list of treatments here

A combination of a long winter in Seattle and taking oral isotretinoin has made my skin extra dry and flaky so I was very excited to try the Lemongrass and Turmeric Body Treatment. This 75-minute treatment includes a scrub, turmeric oil, lemongrass lotion, and more that are supposed to leave your skin feeling silky smooth and looking vibrant.

My appointment was on a Monday afternoon which gave me an excuse to step away from my 9 to 5 job of staring at a computer all day (if my boss is reading this, pretend it’s not me). I walked into the spa and was immediately met by a very friendly receptionist that showed me around the changing room, gave me a robe and slippers, and took me on a short tour of the facilities. There are saunas in the changing rooms that you can (and should!) use before or after your treatment. Unfortunately, I am a Latina who does not get to appointments with too much time to spare so I did not get to enjoy the waiting area as much as I wish I had. If you’re able to get there a little bit early, I highly recommend relaxing in the sauna or the waiting area before your appointment.

The body treatment was nothing short of amazing. Although I am a self-proclaimed spa connoisseur, I must confess that I had never gotten a body scrub treatment before! But now I’m hooked! Prior to starting the treatment, the technician, Deana, patiently went through the details of the treatment with me. Because I am on isotretinoin, I was concerned about it potentially being too harsh on my skin, but she assured me that it would not be an issue. The treatment was performed in sections. She started with my legs and back and then moved to my torso and arms. Each section was carefully scrubbed and wiped clean and then lotion was applied. The combination of aromas from the turmeric and lemongrass was surprisingly (to me) relaxing. The treatment ended with a scalp massage that brought me a lot of joy. Although physical touch is not my most favorite love language, I am always up for head scratches and massages. Before I changed back into my “real world” clothes and went back to work, I took some time to enjoy the sauna.

I entered the spa with extremely dry and flaky skin but left with my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. The treatment felt exfoliating enough without irritating my already sensitive skin. I highly recommend the treatment!  

My experience at the Still Spa was amazing and I will be going back soon for another treatment. Next time, I plan to schedule my appointment on the weekend so I can spend some time hanging out by the waterfront afterwards too.