Weekend Wanderings With Route Line Luxury Camper Vans

Photo Credit: Rafael Wiley-Godoi

As summer approaches, Route Line is the perfect way to to adventure around the PNW without breaking the bank. Founded by LOGE Camps co-founder and former CEO Johannes Ariens, Route Line provides premium adventure vehicles through a membership program for outdoor enthusiasts. The membership model makes Route Line an appealing and affordable alternative to purchasing and maintaining an RV on your own.

“Having spent many nights in truck beds, RVs, conversion vans, tents, and campgrounds, I wanted to help bridge a gap I observed in the adventure brand marketplace. And that’s why I founded Route Line,” says Johannes Ariens. “When it comes to outdoor adventure, I believe that experiencing the outdoors should be simple, fun, convenient, and affordable.”

Headquartered in Seattle, Route Line has a fleet of off-road vans, campers, and trailers, all equipped with the necessities for road tripping and camping. The two and four person Mercedes Sprinter Vans come with thoughtful amenities like a cabin heater and rooftop A/C, a true induction cooktop, a refrigerator, portable toilet, sink, shower, and solar panels. The Scout Campers sit in the beds of Toyota Tundras and Chevy Silverados, each equipped with a propane cooktop and a propane fireplace to head up the space on cold nights. All Route Line vehicles, campers, and trailers provide everything one would need for comfortable living, like cookware, silverware, and a wool light comforter.

Photo Credit: Route Line

We recently took a trip with one of Route Line’s two person sprinter vans to the Washington Coast, and had an amazing time. The van was pretty straightforward to operate and roomy. One of our favorite things about Route Line is that their vehicles are dog friendly! We were able to bring our greyhound, Bentley, on the trip with us which made it even more memorable. He had plenty of space to lounge in the van, as did we. We loved that the van came with a comfortable queen bed and lots of storage space underneath.

We stayed at a campground in Pacific Beach, and it was lovely waking up to the peaceful sound of the waves. It was easy to park the van in our camping spot and enjoy the beautiful views the coast had to offer. Thanks to the small (removable!) table and the car seats that can do a complete 360° rotation, we were able to enjoy meals and snacks in the comfort of the van.

Route Line is ideal for those looking to experience what van life has to offer, without the financial commitment or hassles that comes with ownership like maintenance and vehicle storage. When embarking on a trip, Route Line members will simply pick up their vehicle at a convenient Seattle location, or request personal delivery to their home. Potential members can also try out a three month no-commitment option before they join, and can cancel anytime during the 90 days.

We do recommend booking in advance and having some flexibility on dates. However, with Route Line’s healthy ratio of members to fleet vehicles, most members are able to get trips on the books with ease. Summer is always the busiest season, so keep that in mind when booking. Route Line does send out a weekly email to their members showing any last-minute availability, which is great for those wanting to do a spontaneous trip.

Outside of the membership dues, there are no other fees to take a trip. There are a few special amenities that you can add on, like a bike rack, small pet fee, etc., for an extra fee, but most trips are at zero additional cost beyond the membership. Members can take the van anywhere in the US or Canada, however, there is a 5000-mile limit.

For more information, visit www.routeline.com or check out their Instagram.

Happy traveling!