Fall Refresh: Indulging in Stone Tubs, Seasonal Eats + Fresh Kicks

Whether you’re upgrading your home to prepare for cozy, indoors-focused months ahead — or wanting to make the most of the season’s nutrition-packed bounty — we have a few ideas on how to bring some flair to your fall.

Courtesy Classybath

Those looking for decadence at home might check out Classybath, a team of sculptors and designers who manufacture granite bathtubs and marble bathtubs, sinks, pedestals and more. Whether you’re in the market for a sleek stone bathtub or a marble bathtub — to sink into while all your worries float away — this family business offers options galore.

Courtesy Classybath

The Classbybath factory was established in 1999, and the team started working with builders and contractors from North American and European countries in 2004. Their beautiful stone bathtubs can be customized according to your loftiest design dreams, and the products come in natural stone materials including marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, travertine and precious stones like onyx and rose quartz. Staying in has never felt more alluring…

Courtesy David Reddick/HEST

If you’ll be moving your home to the outdoors this fall, consider checking out HEST, a Seattle-base company founded in 2017 with a simple mission: to revolutionize the way people sleep outside. With a line of products that puts all the best things from homes into a portable, adventure-ready form, HESTs’ products range from a dog bed that comes in three sizes and travel pillows boasting “optimal support, comfy alignment, soft surface and breathable airflow” to The Foamy mattress, which contains “two layers of enhanced memory foam that provide body alignment and pressure point relief for the best night’s sleep you’ll ever get camping.”

Courtesy Atoms

Looking to further jazz up your wardrobe this autumn? Atoms will make your feet happy, thanks to a brand philosophy that tries to make the current shoe better in each production batch — similar to that of Apple and Sony — versus the constant-drop model of some other top-sellers.

Created by Pakistani immigrants and husband-and-wife team Sidra Qasim and Waqas Ali (who went viral on Humans of New York), Atoms focuses on craftsmanship with their ultra-comfortable shoes that have an outsole that’s durable, lightweight and 100% recyclable. The shoes offer pronation support, and the knit makes them extremely breathable and flexible, too. The interlining weave is ultra-smooth for better comfort, and a tongue loop with stretch laces makes these shoes easy to slip on and off when getting through TSA while en route your next adventure.

Courtesy Westerly

If your mealtimes are in need of a refresh too, we can wholeheartedly suggest Westerly, a local company that delivers wholesome, fresh, ready-to-eat breakfast, lunch and dinners — to the greater Seattle, Everett and Tacoma areas.

For their tasty offerings, executive chef/co-founder Matt Hunt creates weekly, seasonal gluten- and dairy-free menus. Plant-based and lean protein (the Wellness menu) options are available, too. The tasty and versatile meals feature house-made dressings, in-house fermented vegetables and house-made plant-based proteins, too, plus from-scratch bakery items like sun-dried focaccia and blueberry muffins (always gluten- and dairy-free). All meal containers are 100% compostable and delivered in reusable cooler bags made with recycled materials.

As an added bonus, this company boasts great commitment to community; on average, Westerly donates 115 meals and roughly 70 pounds of food per week. Also, during the holiday season, Westerly provides Thanksgiving dinners to those in need and partners with Gifts of Hope to run a toy drive with their customers. Additional donation efforts range from stocking local food pantries to partnering with the Othello Tiny House Village.

Courtesy Piroshky Piroshky

And in more “eat local” news, this month Piroshky Piroshky celebrates three decades of making from-scratch, original-recipe hand pies with a fresh PNW twist. During October Heritage Piroshky Month, visitors can try traditional flavors that first made the venue famous. And on October 24th — their 30th anniversary — you can pick up any regularly priced piroshky, and receive a second one for just 92 cents.