The posh Bellevue stop has what our cities’ fashionistas are dying for.

Stylish. It’s your middle name. But the act of sorting through stacks and racks in some lofty department store isn’t really your ideal way of spending a weekend afternoon. You have champagne brunches to attend. Save yourself the hassle next time and perfect your style courtesy of David Lawrence.

This Seattle designer takes the conventional and transforms it unconventionally.

It’s strange to read the words. Ampersand. Apostrophe. They’re not words you frequently see. Even as you say them in your head, they’re hard to get out. It’s possible you’ve not seen these word in print before, but what you most likely have seen are the symbols, & and ‘ on your keyboard.

Our hats are off to Jannie Baltzer — we’ll wear her headbands instead.

Forget the fashionable chapeaus. You want to stand out in that crowd (OK, you want to stand out more). A simple headband doesn’t cut the grade for your desired fashionista statement. Try this on for size: couture headpieces made of French lace, Swarovski crystals, ostrich feathers, mother of pearls and more.