As we plunge into a cozy season of gathering and giving thanks, we’re finding plenty of ways to enjoy life while feeling good about our choices, too. We pooled info on some upcoming events that support meaningful causes, and also learned not-to-be-missed tips from local medical experts related to Breast Cancer Awareness Month (toward the end of the article). 

Get your groove on for a good cause.

The second annual Beats for Boobs benefit show in support of local and invaluable breast cancer organizations. Amazing local DJ’s, fashion designers, artists and chefs will gather in order to bring you a star-crossed night filled with great entertainment, people, music and food. The DJ line-up includes Leopold Bloom + CourtGrindle (Knightriders) and Robotika (Deprogrammers/Fam Funk) to name a few.

This October, start shopping to make a difference!

October is breast cancer awareness month, so get a head start on buying pink products and clothes that support breast cancer research and treatment. Some companies carry breast cancer awareness products all year long, while others offer products exclusively in the month of October — and all of them support the search for a cure.