Local and sustainable seafood with a view.

In this edition of Food Porn, we visited Chandler’s Crabhouse at South Lake Union. Established in 1988, this restaurant prides itself in distinguished service, a gorgeous view of the lake, local Dungeness crab, and other sustainable seafood specialties. One of the most exciting reasons we wanted to visit was for the geoduck, which is now featured on the lunch and dinner menu. While

Sure, we all eat, but are you a true food lover? Attend South Lake Union’s restaurant showcase to find out.

Does the prospect of picking out fresh arugula and shallots put a spring in your step? Do your fingertips perpetually smell of garlic and basil leaves? Are you constantly annoyed with your gastronomically incompetent friends, who couldn’t even tell the difference between a remoulade and a béchamel?

Photo: DiscoverSLU.com