Trendsetting and trailblazing – this HuffPost reporter shoots straight sports talk.

A 2,400-mile barrier can’t stop New York resident Jordan Schultz’s love for Seattle. Born and bred in the Emerald City, 25-year-old Schultz debuted as a collegiate basketball player for Seattle University before transferring to a liberal arts school, Occidental College, outside of Los Angeles and making his way to the Big Apple to pursue his journalism dream.

Trendsetting and Trailblazing — this food maven takes the foodie scene by storm.

In a city full of fashion and food obsessives, only a limited few earn the title “guru.” Food blogger, author, and restaurant owner Molly Wizenberg is one of those over-the-top foodies whose extra kick of sugar and spice got her just what she wanted for an occupation, and a lot of the unexpected.

Trendsetting and trailblazing — this visionary talent is a creative powerhouse.

Jim Haven is a person of deviation, a fountain of ideas and an innovator of solutions. His strengths (which he once identified as weaknesses) have evolved into award-winning strategies used for the many high profile clients his advertising and marketing company, Creature, services across the country.

Trendsetting and trailblazing — this trio takes bacon to a whole new level.

Five years ago, Sven Liden, Stefan Schachtell, and Chris Marshall combined one adventurous weekend of camping and added a little dash of trial and error sessions of tastin’ and mixin’ to develop what some are calling the smoothest vodka they’ve ever had — but here’s the twist, it’s bacon flavored.