Dynamic Seattleites: Polished Beauty, Nonie Creme

Nonie Creme of butter LONDON at their Seattle boutique. Photo courtesy of Amanda Howse.

Trendsetting and trailblazing — this beauty maven upped the ante.

Nonie Creme, a Seattle transplant, has been styling celebrity nails since she headed over to the U.K. on a whim after graduation. Now, as the Founding Creative Director of nail polish juggernaut butter LONDON, she’s a cut above the competition.

Creme’s inimitable ability to translate runway trends into nail colors that are as fresh, sophisticated
and edgy as they are healthy — no unpleasant and harmful toxic ingredients are used — is what sets this polish queen apart from the rest.

butter LONDON's founding Creative Director, Nonie Creme at their Seattle boutique in SeaTac Airport; Photo by Amanda Howse

Lucky for us, Creme decided to take up part-time residency in our beautiful city after the opening of butter LONDON’s flagship salon in the SeaTac airport.  We think she’s a perfect fit, and she certainly fits the bill as an adopted Seattleite with a passion for all things fashion and a commitment to creating the hottest nail trends in the game.

butter LONDON was founded in 2005 by British entrepreneur Sasha Muir, who wanted to create a brand that combined clean and affordable nail services with superior products. She was introduced to high-fashion nail aficionado Nonie Creme, and the brand quickly took off.

As for a favorite shade, Creme’s current go-to color is ‘Wallis’ from the upcoming Autumn/Winter Collection, which she says was created as “a ‘luxe-grunge’ statement for Betsey Johnson’s show.”

It’s clear that designers and celebrities alike adore Creme’s unique lacquers and tangible translations of fashion trends — butter LONDON has gained a cult following due in part to Creme’s longstanding relationships with designers who can’t get enough of her savvy style, wicked sense of humor and innovative designs. Some of the line’s most notable hits are Marrow, a deep, creamy purple created for Vena Cava, and No More Waity, Katie, a sparkly lavender lacquer released in limited quantities to fete the new Duchess of Windsor.

These relationships continue to flourish because of the very personal and exquisite attention to detail that Creme gives to each one of butter LONDON’s clients. “We sit together, discuss their muse, look at the collection, and arrive at a bespoke color just for them,” she said. “It’s special, and they have creative input and control over their catwalk look.”

One of Creme’s own muses and favorite style icons is Vivienne Westwood. Creme worked as an intern in Westwood’s studio shortly after moving to London — but quickly had to confess that she had no sewing skills to speak of when asked to hem a pair of pants on her first day on the job.

“Vivienne thought that was hilarious, and let me stay on to make tea, answer the phones, and generally follow her around pathetically,” Creme recalled. “I still idolize her.”

And though the numbers on her speed dial may lead to some of fashion’s heaviest hitters, Creme’s still a Seattle girl through and through. When she isn’t in London or dreaming up fabulous new shades for butter LONDON’s upcoming collection, you might just find her sipping on margaritas at Poquitos or snacking at Irwin’s near her home in Greenlake.

And as for the creatively inventive lacquer names? Creme gleefully takes credit for butter LONDON’s cleverly labeled colors — citing her passion for writing, she explains that the names “are usually derived from British street slang and a few glasses of wine.  [My] all time favorite is The Old Bill, which means a cop or ‘copper’ in the U.K.”

It’s clear that her cutting-edge take on fashion trends and sparkling personality make her one to watch, especially as she continues to mix up sassy polishes that promise to turn heads and crack smiles — just try explaining to your friends that you’re wearing “Frilly Knickers” on your toes without eliciting a few giggles.

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