Had enough of the kitschy owl pendant craze? Yeah, we don’t give a hoot either. (Wa-waa.) In desperate need of a break from any animal-themed accessorizing, we’re currently loving the new collection of Lock jewelry courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

With an opening price point of just $80, you can treat yourself to a statement necklace (and that iconic Tiffany Blue box) that’s sure to stand the test of trend-ebbing time.

The distinguished jewelry company unveils new designs for 2010.

The yuletide season is upon us, as bell-ringers in Santa suits station themselves on street corners, festive jingles saturate the radio waves and local businesses offer up their annual holiday deals. A worldwide leader in diamond and fine jewelry sales, Tiffany & Co. is no exception. Ellen Rollins, Tiffany’s Group Director of the Pacific North Market, graciously treated me to a storewide tour and showcased some of the newest selections, as well as some classic favorites, all of which are currently available at the company’s locations.