Given their close proximity, their shared culture, and their high-tech, eco-friendly outlook, it would seem to be a natural idea for Seattle and Vancouver to further integrate their economies and create a single Cascadia Innovation Corridor. Microsoft called it “an idea whose time has come,” yet numerous barriers still stand in the way of this vision.

Seattle currently ranks third in the country for electric vehicle charging infrastructure and fifth for electric vehicle sales. While those numbers sound impressive, the city government is far from satisfied. They have announced an aggressive initiative that is aimed at reducing the city’s carbon footprint through two major stages of implementation. Take a look at how Seattle intends to lead the country in the battle against climate change.

Seattleite is pleased to welcome Vincent Stokes as a guest contributor. He is an avid world traveler and outdoor enthusiast.

Traveling is all about the experience. For many people, food is on the very top of that list. But if you are traveling somewhere new on a budget, this is where things can get tricky. If it’s first time to this destination, you might have no idea what you’re getting into with that tasty and chic food cart across the street. Not only might it taste bad, it could be downright dangerous. Nobody wants to have their dream vacation ruined by getting sick!