One Week Left: Waterfront’s Lobster Love

Photo: Jon Meyer

Breaking up is hard to do – but when lobster is involved?

Dearest Salmon,

I know I haven’t written in a while, and I’m sorry about that. I know you’re off doing your thing, spawning and all that, and that’s great, it’s just things here in Seattle are…different.

To be honest, I met someone, and I’ve fallen in love. She’s big, red, from Maine and has her claws wrapped around my heart. She’s really good in the kitchen too.

You deserve the truth, so I guess I should start at the beginning:

Photo: Jon Meyer

I recently heard about the Waterfront Seafood Grill’s “Lobster Maine-ia” for the month of January. It’s this incredible four-course lobster meal that’s exciting and fresh, a feeling I haven’t felt from you since the summer. Can you blame me for experimenting?

Temptation started early with a lobster bisque. The paper bonnet underneath the bowl reminded me of my grandma, but that ended there because she can’t make a soup like this. Featuring Makers Mark butter in the broth, it became evident that my new love wanted to party. Profound and rich, the bisque still maintained a level of sweetness and aridity. Little bites of her hid about the bowl. Like a well, my spoon kept returning until over-consumption left me high and dry.

Photo: Jon Meyer

Showing versatility, she then dressed up amongst mache (lamb’s lettuce), mango, fennel and passion fruit vinaigrette. Her temperament was perfect. Light enough to not get in the way, the mache proved to be the dish’s caring side, allowing the other elements to shine with utter unselfishness. In the center of it all, perfectly cooked and colored pieces of lobster played — their tone matching the scarlet sunset.

For her final act, I opted for four supple halves of her tail with company included. Without much prying from my fork, her champagne beurre blanc-soaked meat peeled away from her crusty, outer shell without fight. Supporting the effort was an abundance of buttery watercress and sweet bacon hinting of maple. Never did the dish’s flavors seem forceful, and the watercress added textural crunch when needing a break from her rich, delicate meat. At the end, each individual flavor converged at the bottom of the bowl, a visual and aromatic reminder of the sensual act that had just occurred.

Even with all this pleasure, she wouldn’t let me leave without a visit from her friend. Created in the depths of her heart where selfishness and charity collide, came a plate of bread pudding accompanied by strawberries, vanilla ice cream and a dowsing of butterscotch. Room thought non-existent within my appetite opened up to this new visitor, and she proved to be a worthy house guest. A sugar-encrusted exterior did its best to protect a Bailey’s and vanilla-infused center, but proved inferior against the silver of my spoon.

There, I’ve come clean. It may sound selfish, but you should know this wasn’t easy to admit. We’ve had good, even great times, but I just can’t say lemon and some glaze is going to be enough for me anymore. My eyes have been opened to a new, unforgettable experience, and I’ll never be the same again.

With fond regards,


P.S. Not to rub sea salt in the wound, but you should really meet her. Lobster Maine-ia runs through the end of the month at Waterfront Seafood Grill.

Waterfront Seafood Grill | 2801 Alaskan Way, Pier 70, Seattle, WA 98121 | (206) 956-9171