Get Your Hands on Some Limited Edition Scotch

Glenfiddich Scotch whisky snow phoenix

The top-notch Scotch will release only 12,000 bottles in the US — and only 50 cases in WA.

Is the grey winter getting you down? Reaching for the same familiar bottle of scotch of winters past to warm you up? Get that extra spark you need this winter by getting your hands on a small batch Scotch whisky from Glenfiddich.

Glenfiddich Scotch whisky snow phoenix

A once in a lifetime opportunity, Snow Phoenix was born out of a roof collapse at the Glenfiddich distillery in the winter of 2010. The collapse exposed thousands of aging single malt scotch barrels to the brutal elements of a Scottish winter storm. The folks at Glendfiddich acted quickly, marrying together the natural strength and non-chill filtered European Sherry and American bourbon casks of 13- to 30-year-old whiskies.

The result is a delicious whisky that will leave an impression on your tasting palette many times over. The nose fuses sweet pear with hints of vanilla spice and floral aromas. The taste begins with slightly smoked apples wrapped in warm honey and raisin exploding for a rich finish of chocolate and espresso with undertones of wood smoke and oak.

The cask strength Snow Phoenix registers at 47.6 percent alcohol and sits warmly in the stomach for a perfect winter spirit. There are only 12,000 bottles available in the United States and a designated 50 cases are scheduled to reach stores in Washington very soon. Snow Phoenix whisky is a must for any Scotch lover’s collection and will surely give you something to look forward to when you arrive home from another grey Seattle winter day.