WE HEART: Environmental Engineer, Sean Avery

The Ultimate Catch: Intriguing Seattleites

Photo: Annie Brady

Sean Avery

27 | Seattle, WA (West Seattle)

Hometown: Seattle, WA (Queen Anne)

Occupation: Electrical Engineer at DLR Group

Why We Heart Them

This Seattleite doesn’t see ‘green’ as a trend, he lives it and breathes it everyday. Sean is passionate about sustainability and reducing the energy footprint in all the buildings he designs, and wants to take green to a whole new level. As an electrical engineer at one of the leading architecture firms in the country, DLR Group, Sean works with the latest technologies offered in solar energy.

“My role on projects entails the design of everything electrical, however my passions are lighting design and renewable energy,” says Sean. “They are the two aspects of my responsibility where I feel I can make the biggest difference in terms of the energy footprint of the buildings we design.”

Sean grew up with a family of engineers, so it’s no wonder it’s in his blood to be passionate about sustainable electrical design. He is determined to implement better energy solutions in  everything he puts his hands on, and his career has sent him to many places up and down the West Coast, even to the exclusive telescope facility on the summit of Haleakala on the island of Maui.

When he’s not busy designing intricate, sustainable structures, he loves the great outdoors of the Northwest and enjoys mountaineering, skiing and relaxing in the Long Beach Peninsula. He also enjoys extending his knowledge in his field, and he shares his excitement for sustainable energy by acting as a managing board member with the Puget Sound chapter of the Illuminating Engineering Society, which seeks to improve lighted environments by bringing together those with lighting knowledge and translating that knowledge into actions to benefit the public.

Sean also works to inspire the next generation of engineers and helps with the UW Minority Scholars Engineering Program, which works to promote engineering to high school students and gets them on track toward getting accepted into university engineering programs.

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