March Foodie Madness: Best Worldly Fare, Shanghai Garden

Photo: Jon Meyer
Photo: Jon Meyer

WHERE: Shanghai Garden | 524 6th Ave. South, Seattle | (206) 625-1688

THE BUZZ: Options is one thing that the International District is not missing. Quality food within these options however, is. Luckily, on the corner of 6th and Weller lies Shanghai Garden, the ID’s dragon among some other sub-reptile species in the restaurant war.

I know I’m heading to a good spot when the invitation I send to others to join, although filled with rejection, also includes disappointment about their ability not to make it. At 3:30 in the afternoon on a miserable Tuesday, Shanghai Garden was lucky enough to be hosting plenty of others whose friends could make the trip, and I witnessed food on tables that easily passed the eye check — that being something along the lines of, “I’ve seen this type of food before, and this looks like a better version.” Beautiful chicken varieties and rice dishes prepared with care instead of haste filled the tables.

Settling in, I took in the specials menu (with pictures!) and locked in the barbeque pork. An exacting replica was placed in front of me five minutes later, and tasted of crisp, but chewy pork and a barbeque sauce drifting on the sweeter side. The spice level was such that I reached for the red pepper spread, dabbing it among my pile of meat. Always there to cool my mouth down was a crisp lettuce salad. Simple, and very good. With no dining partners, I threw my satisfied smiles at any takers.

Grab some friends — or go stag like someone secure in their existence. Mainly, just go and have some of the best Chinese food in Seattle.