March Foodie Madness: Best Sweet Spots, Dahlia

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas
Photo: Dahlia Bakery

WHERE: Dahlia Bakery | 2001 Fourth Ave., Seattle | (206) 441-4540

CRAVE FACTOR:The cravings, I get it. When managing myself through South America I developed a nasty post-meal habit of twenty-five cent ice-cream that never really got kicked, much to my dentist’s (and my teeth’s) despair. When you want something sweet, you want something sweet.

When you want something chocolaty, nothing but a huge brownie or scoop of rocky road will suffice. When the market is just too busy and the demand for sweets too great, luckily there is a place a few streets away named Dahlia.

Luckily, Tom Douglas in his conceptual wisdom gave us addicts a place for solace. Both the Dahlia Lounge and accompanying bakery pack sugary punches when the time calls. Éclairs, tarts, vanilla bean crème brulee, fancy and mini-fancy cupcakes — check. Made to order layer cakes — check. Snacks for you dog — check. A cookie menu with a dozen options — check. A breakfast list with buttermilk biscuits and house-made jam (what!) — check. So yeah, Dahlia has it.

If the salty craving is overriding the sweet, fear not as Dahlia is also supplied with artisan breads that can easily be made into a homely sandwich. Once again, a culinary demand had been asked, and Tom Douglas no doubt figured out an answer.