Beach Baby: Hottest Tote for sunny days

Seraphina Sun, $139

Seraphina Sun, $139

Residents of Seattle, have no fear! Most assuredly, the sun will soon be making its annual return to bless us with at least a few warm weekends. Now is the time to update your summer inventory, lest even one hour of fair weather be wasted in preparation for outdoor activities.

Calomine lotion? Check. Trendy shades? Check. Frivolous magazines? Check. Aqua Socks? Double check! A stylish beach bag that can carry all these items? Hmmm…

Don’t worry, the good folks at Cinda B Beach Bags have you covered. Available in 15 different vibrant colors, these gorgeous totes come with a bevy of coordinating accessories, including an ID/money carrier and a sunglasses case. They are also generously spacious, and with nine pockets located inside and outside, you’ll have no problem conveniently storing all your beachgoing essentials.

Most importantly, these bags are made to last. Rendered from a stain- and water-resistant fabric that can withstand multiple wash cycles, and fitted with soft cotton rope handles, Cinda B’s bags will survive many sandy, salty trips to the beach.

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