Label with Luster: Cooper Wine 2007 Cab Sauv

Cooper Winery

Wine fashion goes country with Cooper Wines.

Neil Cooper draws on everything from “Corporate America” slogans to classic Proverbs when designing labels for his Bordeaux-style wines. A winemaker, as well as the owner of Cooper Wine Company, Cooper strives to bring contemporary style to the country, without completely shrugging off his honky tonk roots.

Cooper Winery

“I was born and raised a farm boy,” Cooper said. “We have an estate vineyard here on Red Mountain, which is really what the whole program is based around. We’re a family operation, and, with the label, I wanted something that represented me.”

The label depicts a red barn door, embossed with a white “C” in the middle. Cooper’s emblem is an ode to the farmers that still rule the vineyards of Washington State wines.

“The barn isn’t flashy but it stands out, with a rustic but modern look,” Cooper said of his wine label. “The response has been fantastic, I’ve worked in a number of wineries in the past years, and I’ve never gotten so many compliments about a simple label.”

Cooper, who spent the better part of a decade in the commercial farming and seed business, traded in one homestead for another as the economy began to turn. He opened his winery doors less than six months ago with the release of his 2007 vintage.

The winery currently has an eight-acre estate vineyard, with plans to expand more than double the size. Cooper needs the additional space to accommodate all the varietals needed to produce his Bordeaux-style blends.

“People get romantic about it,” said Cooper. “They want to get out to farm country, get dusty and dirty and feel like they’re a part of something that’s more than just concrete and asphalt. I think the wines and their labeling portray that.”

Catchy and timeless, the Copper Wine Company red wines, including the 2007 Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, are signified by a classic red barn door. Whites, on the other hand, are given a slate-green color.

Just like its outfit, the 2007 CV Cab is subtle but attractive, with dark fruit, herbal savory notes of sage, oak spice and earth on the nose. The palate has a velvety texture that delivers cherry tones to your taste buds, and then lingers with a youthful finish that screams “YEE-HAW!” while two-stepping to the Little Red Hen.

Managing to combine a classic bottle aesthetic with small-town sensibilities, Cooper’s red and white selections might just be the most eclectic choice on the wine rack. Incidentally, they’re also some of the best.

Cooper Wines | 35306 N. Sunset Rd., Benton City | (509) 588-2667