Appreciating the Taste: Let’s Learn about Bourbon

Photo: Bourbon

Morton’s The Steakhouse welcomes back a one-night tribute to everybody’s favorite Kentucky-based spirit.

Everybody knows bourbon is a type of whiskey (we hope). However, did you know that all true bourbons are distilled in Bourbon County, Kentucky? Or that a Baptist Minister named Elijah Craig is (supposedly) credited with making the first batch of this classic American spirit in the late 18th century?

Photo: 350jb/Veer

With nuggets of trivia like these at your disposal, you’ll be sure to impress the crowds on Friday, May 6, when Morton’s The Steakhouse hosts their beloved Bourbon Tasting. Last year’s inaugural event was such a big hit that Morton’s is proud to welcome the tasting back for a second round.

Bourbons that will be featured for the night include Bulleit, George Dickle #12 and George Dickle #8, as well as the hard-to-find Bulleit Rye Whiskey. Be sure to bring along your sophisticated palate, as these premier whiskeys will be coupled with Morton’s signature hors d’oeuvres, which are renowned for a bold flavor all their own. You’ve heard of wine pairing — now, thanks to Morton’s, Seattleites can enjoy bourbon pairing, as well.

In addition to the delicacies being served throughout the night, guests will have the opportunity to learn about this storied beverage. What is bourbon? How is it made? How does one properly taste it? Patience, young grasshopper, for your questions will be answered within the rich, mahogany décor of Morton’s The Steakhouse — a most suitable environment for this exquisite topic.

Tickets are $45 per person. Call Morton’s The Steakhouse today for more information.

Morton’s The Steakhouse | 1511 6th Avenue Seattle, WA | (206) 223-0550