Branches Jewelry Holder: Show Off Your Gems

Perfect in any room, Two’s Company’s new design is now available for on-line shoppers.

Ladies: You’ve paid a lot for those gorgeous necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. So why relegate them to a box in the top drawer of your dresser? You should show off your bling for everyone to see. Thanks to the beautiful Branches Jewelry Holder from Two’s Company, your display can be stylish, as well.

These detailed designs come in either gold or silver, and add the right amount of subtlety and shimmer without taking away from your jewelry collection. Their unique, lightweight design allows for upright balance on any flat surface, be it a vanity, dresser, coffee table of bathroom sink.

Available from Burke Decor ($68.95 each), Branches Jewelry Holders are the perfect gift for any lovely lady in your life. For instance, your mother (hint hint…)