Bitters Co: Abaca Tree Products

Photo: Bitters Co.

This versatile, exotic species can be used to make lovely household wares.

Did you know that there is an edible species of banana grown specifically to make textiles? The fibers from leaves of the Abaca tree, native to the Philippine archipelago, may be woven on looms into a variety of home decor accessories. Considered one of Seattle’s most eclectic mercantile locations, Bitters Co. has imported these decorative treats from the island of Mindinao and now offers them to mainland dwellers for a very affordable price.

Abaca Throw Pillows ($68)

Abaca Throw Pillows

If your sofa or lounge chair needs some embellishment, these eye-catching throws should do the trick. The poly filler material and zipper closure allow these pillows to be machine-washed — just in case a smudge occurs. Tasteful and comfortable, the Abaca throws are available in ten color combinations. Abaca seat cushions are also available, in shades such as plum and buckwheat.

Abaca Bottle Covers ($24)

Abaca Bottle Covers

These handwoven covers will give a tropical accent to any ordinary vase, bottle or jar. Made to be elastic, the flexible sleeve design will fit around containers of all shapes and sizes. The covers are available in three earthy tones — rust, ticking and buckwheat.

Abaca Shoulder Bags ($60)

Abaca Shoulder Bags

These lightweight totes are ideal for grocery shopping, picnicking or beach combing. Outfitted with a spacious interior and a convenient outside compartment, the durability of the Abaca fibers allow the user to carry as much as their shoulder muscles will support — without having to worry about ripping the bag. Plus, sexy colors such as yellow pinstripe, coffee and cinnabar make these hip summer accessories fashionable and functional.

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