Mattress shopping just got a whole lot more fun—and affordable.

Tuft & Needle co-founder JT Marino explains that his idea for starting the business came after a horrible mattress retail experience—one “even worse than shopping for a used car.” Afterward, he vented to friend Daehee Park, and the two decided to quit their Silicon Valley jobs to bootstrap T&N in Phoenix in 2012.

Treat your people right this holiday season

‘Tis that festive, twinkling season when hot toddies warm our bodies and the spirit of giving warms our souls. If you’re like us, you’re probably over presenting generic gifts that merely get the job done. That’s why we’ve gathered some unique, local treasures we think will make the perfect present for someone (or someones) you love.

Adventurous city-dwellers take note: Geartribe has officially arrived in Seattle.

Savvy savers have already conquered Groupon and Living Social, but now a new site has launched for the relentlessly recreational persona inside of all of us. GearTribe went live in Seattle and select areas around the Northwest last month — and with summer weather leaving us shortly, now is the time to take advantage of the company’s killer deals.

This versatile, exotic species can be used to make lovely household wares.

Did you know that there is an edible species of banana grown specifically to make textiles? The fibers from leaves of the Abaca tree, native to the Philippine archipelago, may be woven on looms into a variety of home decor accessories. Considered one of Seattle’s most eclectic mercantile locations, Bitters Co. has imported these decorative treats from the island of Mindinao and now offers them to mainland dwellers for a very affordable price.