Goods From The Hoods: Trash Into Treasure

Photo: Goods from the Hoods

Two resourceful locals convert an obscure material into attractive kitchen decor.

Recycling has always been a high priority in the Pacific Northwest. The idea of reusing something that turns into a beautiful product is more of a privilege than a burden. This is certainly true of the kitchenware offered by Seattle’s own Goods from the Hoods.

Photo: Goods from the Hoods

Founders TC Brownell and Joey Sayre were initially inspired years ago, when the two men were employed as construction workers. In many of the early 20th-century homes on which they worked, the pair noticed a surplus of lath — thin strips of wood used as foundation for plaster in the walls of older buildings. Since the lath had spent more than a century encased in plaster, the quality of the wood was still highly preserved.

“We began noticing all the viable wood that was being discarded to be replaced with drywall,” Brownell said. “It took many times of trial and error, but we finally found a process that worked and left the beauty of the wood intact.”

Once their source material was identified, Brownell and Sayre began to get creative. Soon, all sorts of kitchen implements — counter tops, wine racks, coffee tables and more — had been rendered out of this simple, obsolete material.

Photo: Goods from the Hoods

Not only are Goods from the Hoods products eco-friendly — they are skillfully made, as well. Each item is handcrafted by either Brownell or Sayre. Once a piece is completed, it is stamped with the neighborhood and age of the house from which its lath originated.

Brownell and Sayre hope to have a store of their own in the not-so-distant future.

“We really enjoy creating new items and reconstructing them into useable items,” Brownell said. “Our goal is to create things that not only look well made but are used in daily life.”

In the meantime, Goods from the Hoods products are currently available at NuBe, Kobo, Matter! and Bitters Co. For more information about this inventive brand, please visit their official Web site.