Maya Romanoff: Extraordinary Surfaces

(From left): Fabricadazzle, Gilded Cloth and Polyhide Lightning.

An icon of the design industry unveils its newest collection.

This week, The Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas hosted the 2011 Hospitality Design Exposition and Conference. One of the standouts of this event was the exquisite display of interior surfaces produced by the creative team at Maya Romanoff, an Illinois-based design company. Five striking patterns were featured, each of which incorporates the spirit of ultimate balance inspired by the Chinese concept of yin and yang.

(From left): Fabricadazzle, Gilded Cloth and Polyhide Lightning.

Each design is equally distinct and eye-catching. Inspired by classic motifs, the Fabricadazzle is rendered from natural fiber weaves. The Gilded Cloth uses gold and silver leafing, which has been applied by hand to a canvas backing for shimmering results. Polyhide Lightning utilizes a versatile polyurethane material to generate a metallic effect. One-inch strips of authentic capiz shells comprise the flexible surface of the Flexi Mother of Pearl Brick. Finally, the True Paper Croc is just how it sounds — 100% paper material that has been manipulated into a lovely crocodile pattern.

(From left): Flexi Mother of Pearl Brick, True Paper Croc

A renowned artist, inventor, entrepreneur and world traveler, Maya Romanoff the man is considered a pioneer of his trade. The former student of UC Berkeley was initially inspired by the textiles he discovered during his globetrotting ventures, in places such as the rugged terrains of North Africa, the couture houses of Paris and the celebration of tie dye that was the original Woodstock Festival. Romanoff launched his namesake corporation in 1969, and for the past four decades this brand has been synonymous with innovative, highly popular design prints and textures.

Not surprisingly, Romanoff has received many accolades. In years past, he has been named a Trailblazer by The International Designs and Furnishing Association and an Icon of Industry by NEHW: The Hospitality Industry Network. In addition, some of his work has been inducted into the permanent collections of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York City.

The Maya Romanoff Corporation |  3435 Madison St., Skokie, IL  |  (773) 465-6909