Resident Artists Capture Local Beauty

Kathleen A. Johnson “Dancing at Sunset” 8x8 in. Acrylic on canvas

Thanks to these Northwest natives, the Emerald City has never been more colorful.

Every Seattleite knows our city thrives on its vibrant art scene. Handmade creations fill our city and splash color into our rainy days. Recently we’ve discovered work by a trio of local artists that is sure to make a chic Seattleite statement in your home.

Patricia Alvarado “Amor” 20×20 in. Oil-Acrylic-Varnish

Patricia Alvarado is a Seattle native with an impressive body of work. Inspired at a young age by her grandmother, Alvarado has been perfecting her artistic skills for many years. Her work features a variety of texture, paints and styles of application. The most impressive aspect of her work is her meticulous attention to detail. Alvarado’s piece Amor is a spectacle of color, and can be shown off in any room.

Kathleen A. Johnson “Dancing at Sunset” 8×8 in. Acrylic on canvas

Kathleen A. Johnson is another artist whose passion for nature comes to life through her renderings Her work features flowers, trees, herons and a Young Crow series.  She strives to give viewers a vision of the natural world, courtesy of her unique perspective. Johnson’s work has been featured in a number of shows and galleries and has won many awards. Her Dancing at Sunset piece presents tranquility while still eliciting an emotional response.

Cheryl Waale “Lady in Blue” 24x 24in. Acrylic on deep canvas

Cheryl Waale finds inspiration in the geometry of nature. As an artist, she avoids getting caught up in the details — and this choice keeps her work fresh and graceful. Waale employs a variety of techniques to bring her work to life, using her fingers, sticks and even paper towels.  Her Lady in Blue is a highly compelling piece; its shades of blue are a relaxing vision to present in a  bedroom or living room.