Let The Games Begin!

Pimp out your man-cave with these stylish table games.

Summer is the time for friendly gatherings, and nothing gets folks to your pad quicker or more frequently than a well-stocked rec room. If you’re looking for something a little flashier than the standard billiard or ping-pong table, take a gander at these models. They’re eye-catching and state-of-the-art, but most importantly — they’re loads of fun!

The G-1 Glass Pool Table by Nottage Designs

As cool as this transparent pool table looks, the technology behind it is even cooler. The table top is made from patented, scratch-resistant Vitrex, which closely mimics qualities of cloth found on standard pool tables; the solids and stripes will roll the same way, and you can even put some English on the ball (if you’ve got the skills, that is). Underneath the Vitrex is 15mm of strengthened glass, so the playing surface won’t crack. Plus, there’s no felt — if your buddy spills beer on the table, all you need is a spritz of window cleaner.

Super Stick Hockey Table by Carrom

We all love air hockey and we all love foosball — and now, the two classic games have been melded by Carrom. The Super Stick Hockey Table is made from wear-resistant black Melamine and features a shatter-proof plastic dome to prevent miniature puck loss. The niftiest part is the scoring table, powered by a battery unit and accompanied by flashing lights and a buzzer every time a goal is scored.

Round Furniture Poker Table by Night Hawk

Guys’ night usually involves card playin’ of some sort, and there’s no better dealing spot than this classic model from Night Hawk. Rendered from solid oak, the table is covered with five coats of black paint and finished with a layer of sealer gloss, giving it a sleek showroom appearance. The chip trays and stainless steel cup holders accommodate eight card sharks, so choose your opponents wisely. Bluffing abilities sold separately.