The Loaded Trunk: Exotic Home Designs

An e-boutique that specializes in exquisite, authentic Asian home decor.

The marketplaces of East and Southeast Asia are a rich source of meticulous craftsmanship. The baskets, wall art and knickknacks are sought by  throughout the world for their intricate designs and the intriguing stories behind their creation. The Loaded Trunk, an on-line boutique based in Kansas City, understands the appeal of these goods — every item has been locally sourced from this exotic region.

Carved Coconut ($55)

Sculpted in Indonesia, these coconut shells have been hand-carved by “a gregarious Hindu” to painstaking perfection. The detailed patterns depict celebrated figures of that country’s mythology, such as mortals, animals, gods and goddesses. When the lights are low, the spooky shadows cast by these items are quite eye-catching, as well.

Balinese Palm Leaf Basket ($135)

Using tea leaves and natural clay, these beautifully-textured Balinese baskets are dyed in rich earthen tones, which allow them to complement the style of any room. They are also handwoven, which ensures each basket will maintain its shape throughout the years.

Bud Vase ($25)

Rendered from pebbles to a smooth finish, these Thai vases make the perfect centerpiece for any coffee table. Neutral and natural, its unusual design enhances the organic beauty of any floral arrangement that rests inside it.

For more information about these and other items offered by The Loaded Trunk, please visit the company’s official Web site.