senz° Has Created an Umbrella for All Seasons

These Dutch umbrella models keep the rain off in a most innovative way.

Seattleites know umbrellas like… well, there really is no comparison. We rely on them on an unseasonably regular basis and regard them as trustworthy companions. However, like all good friends, umbrellas are imperfect — a quality that is never more apparent than on a windy day.

Luckily, the innovators at senz° — a company based in Delft, Holland — have designed the first ‘smart umbrella’. The design features a frame that is both lightweight and sturdy. This prevents the umbrella from turning inside out, and renders it windproof up to 100 kilometers per hour. This means that, no matter which direction the breeze is coming from, this umbrella will automatically acclimate and keep you from getting wet. In addition to rainy days, senz° models are also useful when the sun is beating down, thanks to UV protection of UPF 50+. There’s even an ‘eyesaver’ protection feature, so your peepers won’t get poked as the senz° switches directions.

This aerodynamic marvel is the brainchild of engineering student Gerwin Hoogendoorn, who designed the initial senz° prototype in 2004 and used the model as his graduation project. After two of his college friends invested in the product, the senz° brand made its market introduction in 2006. The venture proved highly successful from the get-go, as 10,000 units in the company stockpile were sold in just nine days. Within a year, senz° had earned an iF Design Award (gold), IDEA Award (gold) and a Good Design Award, among many others.

Senz° | $42.97 | available at