Balmain Boat Company: DIY Boatbuilding

An easy-to-assemble dinghy from Down Under.

Australian designer Andrew Simpson, one of The Balmain Boat Company‘s (BBCo) co-founders, wants you to make your own rowboat.

Don’t worry if you’re not a handyman — his model comes with clear, user-friendly instructions that anyone can decipher, regardless of his/her experience level. Just think of it as a gigantic Lego project that floats and there shouldn’t be any problems.

Three tools are required for assembly: a hammer, corking gun and electric drill. That’s it — the rest is just a matter of inserting screws and nails into plywood, applying epoxy and administering the required amounts of adhesive sealant (all of which are provided in the BBCo Classic Boat Kit).

The set also includes undercoat and varnish to give your seagoing vessel some shine once it is pieced together. Oars and rope are not included.

Assembly requires approximately 16 man-hours, so it’s quite feasible that you’ll have an operable seagoing vessel after a long weekend in the garage. If you’ve ever wanted to construct your own boat but been too intimidated by the building process, then BBCo has got you covered.

BBCo Classic Boat Kit | $1696 | Available online