Lewis N Clark: Universal Adaptability

Eliminate the problem of strange international plug-ins before you leave home.

Any globetrotter will tell you that one of international travel’s biggest headaches is simply plugging your things into the wall. Between the differing voltage output and oddly-shaped outlets, dealing with your gadgets can bring real aggravation to your otherwise lovely holiday.

Luckily, the age of technology has brought us a slew of universal adapters to use when we’re vacationing abroad — and the EK140 Universal 4-in-1 Travel Adapter from Lewis N Clark is the best choice. Operable in more than 175 countries — including remote areas of Asia, Africa and the Pacific Islands — the EK140 fits in the palm of your hand.

Not only will this adapter provide juice for your toys — it will keep them safe, as well. The product features a built-in surge protector (with indicator light), fuse-powered overload protection and safety shutters that shield users from any live parts in the outlet.

Of course, while the adapter allows your plugs to fit into foreign outlets, it will not convert electricity. Lewis N Clark has you covered there as well, with the FR22-50 Watt Reverse Transformer. This handy attachment converts between voltages of 110 and 220 — which makes it essentially universal.

Lewis N Clark EK140 Universal 4-in-1 Travel Adapter |  $24  |  available at eBags

Lewis N Clark FR22-50 Watt Reverse Transformer |  $16.99  |  available at eBags