Rollors: The Next Great Lawn Game

Good times in the backyard for all, courtesy of a conscientious veteran.

True Seattleites understand the value of a sunny day, and if you’re looking for a new hobby to incorporate into your summer recreation, military veteran Matt Butler has you covered.

Butler invented a game he calls Rollors while serving in combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. During his down time, he sketched the game pieces, created the rules and even brainstormed his business plan. In the summer of 2009, he launched the company, which is today based in Dayton, Ohio.

Designed to be played on either grass or sand and easy to set up, Rollors is a lawn game that has been compared to other outdoor games such as bocce, horseshoes and lawn bowling. Up to six players roll wooden disks (similar to oversized hockey pucks) toward a pyramid-shaped goal that lies 25 feet away. Each of the six color-coded disks has a number on either side, and points are awarded to players who position their disks closest to the goal.

“This is a game that people of all ages can enjoy together and can be played in teams or as an individual competition,” says Butler. “What really amazed me is how fast the game really caught on.” Rollors has become popular in backyards, parks and tailgating events around the country.

As a military vet, Butler is keenly aware of the obstacles that many returning vets face who have sustained injuries from war. He takes pride in the fact that all ages and abilities can play Rollors, as it is challenging, but not overly physical.

The Rollors set includes six disks and two goals, all made from New Zealand Pine, as well as a measuring cord, instructional guide and a carrying case to protect the hardwood pieces.

Rollors Outdoor Skill Game |  $27.40  |  available at QVC