Seattleite Travels To Florence

Beautiful view from the Piazzale Michelangelo. Photo: Natasha Jarmick

Considered the artistic capital of Europe, Firenze definitely lives up to its reputation.

Places To Go:  First off, you should know that no matter where you decide to go in Florence (or Firenze, as the locals call it), your time spent there will be romantic and lovely because the entire city smells of fresh flowers.

Beautiful view from the Piazzale Michelangelo. Photo: Natasha Jarmick

The best way to see the city is to take a double decker bus to Piazzale Michelangelo, from which one can view the entire city. You will be able to see Florence in an amazing panoramic view, as well as the Duomo — a spectacular dome that is a must-see attraction.

After visiting all that the city has to offer, head up to the town of Fiesole to get a taste of the Tuscan countryside and see a town full of history. It is easy getting to Fiesole, since all of the tourist buses will take you there (and narrate your journey along the way).

Incredible Edibles: The food in Florence is exquisite! Personally, I think they have some of the best pizza in all of Italy, and you can’t skip grabbing a slice (followed by gelato of course). You must try the salt-less bread dipped in delicious Tuscan olive oil.

Delicious gelato. Photo: Adreanna Moya Photography.

Homegrown Fashion: Florence is in Italy – which means that stylish locals will be passing you left and right on the pavement. This beautiful city is also the hometown of some of the most prominent fashion designers in the world, including Roberto Cavalli, Guccio Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo and Emilio Pucci.

If you want to browse these iconic boutiques in their home city, head to Via Tornabuoni in the heart of Florence. Dress to impress and feel fabulous as you strut down the same shopping street as fashion greats, and bring a pair of flats in your purse (those heels won’t last all day in Florence!)

Fashionable Florentines. Photo: Peter Petrus

Good Libations:  Nothing goes with authentic Italian food like a glass of Chianti. A Tuscan treasure for nearly 300 years, this deep-bodied red is traditionally stored in short, rounded bottles and served in a straw basket called a fiasco.

Local Quote:  “Firenze is a paradise for artists and a home for beauty. Every great man has been inspired by this city – even those who only are able to dream of Firenze. The city is full of inspiration and the result of inspiration, you can’t go on to describe it. You must come and smell the city!” –Antonio, 62, painter.

Chianti, traditionally served in a wicker fiasco. Photo: Guilio Nepi.

The 411: Your best bet will be to grab a double-decker tourist bus that will not only drop you off at all the major sight-seeing spots, but will also give you a history behind the city. After all, the most important part of seeing a city like Florence is understanding what is behind all the beauty and art that fills the streets.

Article authored by Natasha Jarmick.