Seattleite Book Club: July 2011

Dear Seattleite Readers,

Welcome to the Seattleite Book Club – the only virtual book club that spotlights the Pacific Northwest’s own authors and publishers!

We featured Wire to Wire by Scott Sparlingfor June’s book club, a train-hopping crime novel that  trips around the United States. The title was well-liked by Gavin from Edmonds, who described it as “a mesmerizing story played out with authentic characters.” Colleen from Portland also enjoyed the read, calling it “exciting on a visceral level.” Mark from Belltown best summed up Wire to Wire as “a masterful debut novel by an interesting new writer,” adding, “let’s hope Mr. Sparling has many more publications ahead of him.”

July’s Selection: Boundary Issues by Jane Adams, Ph.D.

Living a healthy life is about more than just taking the time to exercise and eat right – the health of your relationships plays a tremendous part in your day-to-day happiness. Boundary Issues by Jane Adams addresses the boundaries that shape inner life and interpersonal relationships, what happens when they are trespassed upon, and how to use boundary intelligence to maintain deep, healthy relationships.

“I wrote the book because all of my previous research, reporting and counseling clients – especially the parents of grown children – made me realize that boundary issues are in fact at the heart of most relational difficulties,” Adams said. “While everyone knows the phrase, few people understand what [boundaries] are, where they come from (and lead to) and how to resolve them.”

The author of eight non-fiction books and three novels, Jane Adams’ work has been selected by major book clubs, translated in several foreign languages, and adapted for television. Her essays, columns, and articles have been published in newspapers and magazines including The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Psychology Today, Glamour, More, Woman’s Day, The Nation, New Choices, AARP The Magazine and on many popular online sites.

Adams uses quizzes and questionnaires throughout Boundary Issues to help readers to assess their boundaries on the basis of permeability, complexity, and flexibility – all manners that indicate a person’s boundary style in certain emotional and interpersonal experiences. From family and lovers, to friends and work relationships, Boundary Issues provides a helpful method for recognizing and using boundaries to effectively communicate our needs with the people in our lives.

“It’s the most psychologically-oriented of my books,” Adams said. “In fact, it was originally to be the subject of my doctoral dissertation, but I found it difficult to write with the usual academic monotony and kerfuffle and turned my research into a trade book instead!”

Whether you’re dealing with an over-controlling mother, an emotionally-distant spouse or a boss that is constantly calling you after hours, Adams’ helpful information and easy-to-understand instructions are excellent tools to help you begin to set relationship boundaries. Hundreds of examples from real women also add perspective to each situation, providing readers with a realistic idea of where emotional trespassing is occurring, and how to effectively negotiate a boundary in response.

Purchase a copy of Boundary Issues for $24.95 plus tax and shipping, at the publisher’s website. Comments for the Seattleite Book Club column are due to by July 31.