Seattleite Staff Picks: Fireworks!

Where will you be when the Fourth of July sky starts booming?

The July 4th festivities that will commence this Monday afternoon/evening/night are a time-honored American tradition. Nothing quite says summer in the States like laying out a big blanket under the sun, flinging around a Frisbee and consuming exorbitant amounts of fried chicken, Waldorf salad and refreshing microbrew (or Miller High Life, if that’s your poison).

As we all know, the best part comes at the end of the night when we spend a good deal of time gazing at the brightly-colored sky. Everyone has their preferred site for viewing fireworks — and as it turns out, this is especially true of Seattleite staff members.

Dallas Keefe, Marketing |  I have spent every year at Roche Harbor for the Fourth of July. We are at the end of the dock and have a fabulous view of the fireworks from the tops of our boats.

Kelly Skahan, Senior Editor |  I might be biased, but I’m a big fan of Federal Way’s Red White and Blues fair at Celebration Park. Every year they bring some really great cover bands, a capella groups, and blues musicians down to the South End and put on a really incredible fireworks display, complete with a fantastic soundtrack.

Ioana Andrei, Writer |  My number one pick has to be Gas Works Park on Lake Union. Completely casual, you can come with a huge group of friends and enjoy the festivities picnic style, or get close to the water for a fantastic view of the fireworks. With the amazing view of the city and the industrial structures as a backdrop, it’s a great place to celebrate like a true Seattleite.

Norelle Done, Contributor |  The roof of my apartment building on Queen Anne has a fantastic view of downtown Seattle and Lake Union. It’s a blast to head up there to watch the patriotic festivities on July 4.

Brian Grove, Writer |  As a self-proclaimed pyromaniac, I can think of only one place where it’s truly appropriate to celebrate Independence Day.  The seaside town of Westport offers all the warzone-like pandemonium of Long Beach without the heavy crowd.  Forget about seeing a professional show when you hit the beach that night.

Angela Marino, Contributor |  The fireworks show is all about location. Seattle is surrounded by beautiful bodies of water that make an amazing backdrop for the show of jewel-toned colors. Gas Works Park is by far one of the most popular and beautiful places in Seattle to sit and enjoy the Fourth of July.

John Ferensen, Arts + Entertainment Guru |  Unless you’re friends with the right people, Eastlake houseboats are off limits (and dock security will make sure of that). But it doesn’t mean you can’t wander down there and watch from random spots in between. Standing due east of the barge, only thing closer to the show are the fish in Lake Union.

The large July 4th turn-out at Gas Works Park. Photo: Flickr/Davis Doherty

Erin Thomas, Wine Aficionado |  With a three-day long beer garden in their South Lake Union lot, Jillian’s Billiards is money for the show and you can claim your space starting Saturday. The great outdoors, cool brews and a view of the lake fireworks where you don’t have to fight little kids for a good lawn spot.

Lindsay Bradley, Contributor |  This July 4 I’ll be watching the fireworks from the amazing Gas Works Park!  From there we’ll have a fantastic view of the fireworks over Lake Union.  It can’t get better than that!

Jon Meyer, Food + Travel Aficionado |  My first summer in Seattle I was living in Wallingford, and was lucky enough to have a place with a rooftop deck.  I’ll never forget my first Seattle fireworks show, complete with exploding cowboy hats and Beethoven.  So, Wallingford in general has great energy — even if you can’t make it to Gas Works.

Nicole Logan, Social Media |  For 20+ years I have enjoyed the Fireworks from my parents’ home that overlooks the Puget Sound/Commencement Bay.  The Tacoma Fireworks are set off of a Barge centered in the bay and the show is simply amazing. Other than my parents’ deck, the best viewing is from Browns Point Lighthouse Beach.

Sarah Ward, Writer |  If I had a boat, I would think watching the fireworks from a boat would be the best! That way you could get a front row seat, be near only friends or family, spend time on the water and have all the amenities of being in your own private space. Someday…

Brad Nehring, Associate Editor |  Some good friends and I have a date with a large, newly-purchased cache of the good stuff (including a sizable rocket ominously named ‘D-Day’). The venue: any parking lot that will have us. We make our own display.

Jane Yuan, Publisher | For the past 15 years or so, it’s been a tradition with all my friends to spend the 4th on Whidbey Island at my friend’s family cabin, not only to celebrate the holiday, but to celebrate our friend’s birthday on the 3rd. But this year, we’ll be throwing a big BBQ bash in Mt. Baker.